Mom tips and tricks at work

Moms get busier as work and family demands increase. This is why so many are looking for the best mom tips and tricks at work; they find themselves looking for better solutions to get many things done within the limited hours they have. Unfortunately, the best solution most moms get is to multitask. This solution may work for a limited time but leads to stress, fatigue, or mental breakdown. 

The best mom tips and tricks at work are to manage time well, reduce distractions, and find help. Ensure you get enough sleep, consider freelance jobs, and set clear boundaries. Say no if need be but also have time for yourself. If possible, get a job in a company that allows flexible work schedules. These ten mom tips and trips at work will help you stop multitasking.

By: Amanda Foster

Many women who are raising families while working have a lot of responsibilities. They often find themselves torn between work, feeding the kids, preparing meals, and doing other house chores. These are some of the reasons why working moms often face multitasking problems. 

Many moms who multitask are likely to be less productive. They often get late completing their work and work overtime many times. Working for more hours leads to a lack of sleep and stress. These results in both physical and mental health problems. This is why so many of the best mom tips and tricks at work revolve around reducing the amount of time you multitask.

Eliminate or reduce distractions

Different things cause distractions, but they affect productivity. Your electronic devices such as the TV, telephone, and computer are major distractors. Distractions may not seem to be a major issue, but they lead to multitasking problems. 

Give your kids attention when it is necessary. However, find a way to keep them busy with some activities so that you can focus. You may find yourself constantly checking your phone for messages or chats. This will make you lose focus on your work. Keep reading for the best mom tips and tricks at work.

Consider working for a company that has flexible work schedules

Different companies have different work demands. Some have schedules that exceed 8 hours per day. Depending on the type of business they do, some companies allow you to work fewer hours. Other employers allow flexible working schedules for working moms.

If you are planning to become a mother, you may consider applying for a job in companies with the best maternity leaves. You will be certain to get enough time to nurse your kid when they need you most. 

Make sure you get enough sleep daily

When your kid is below two years, you might need to often check on them at night. When they cry at night, you have to find out if they are okay no matter what time it is. The only challenge is that lack of enough sleep affects your mental health. You will become stressed, fatigued, and will be less productive. 

Most babies will not cry at night if they are well-fed, warm, and not wet. Use diapers that can hold urine for more hours. Breastfeed them before sleep time but also cover them with a warm blanket. Yes, one of the best mom tips and tricks at work is actually affected by your time in bed!

Learn the tricks of effective time management

You will always have the same number of hours each day. When you have kids to take care of, one of the ways to avoid multitasking is proper time management. You can take advantage of your kid’s sleep time to do tasks that need more focus. 

Kids will mostly sleep up to two hours during the day. During that time, you may choose to do some intensive work indoors or outdoors. If you are going to work in the open air, make sure your laptop is charged enough and doesn’t have any battery issues. For example, if you are using Mac and its battery drains overnight, ensure to fix any technical issues that might be causing the problem. 

Consider freelance jobs

Many working moms multitask because their employer is demanding results. To avoid losing their job, they find themselves doing several things at the same time. One of the best mom tips and tricks at work is to consider if freelance work would be a better fit for your lifestyle.

The advantage is that you will be free to choose when to work. You will also be free to choose the amount of work that you can manage. Update your resume and make sure you have a good LinkedIn profile before you begin searching for freelance jobs. 

Set your boundaries

If you are working from home, one of the best mom tips and tricks at work is still to have boundaries. One of the best mom tips and tricks at work is to have a clear boundary between your home chores and work. Let your kids and other family members know the boundaries and respect them. When it is time for work, let them know you are in your home office and stay away. When it is time for home chores, let them use that time to interact with you. 

Get support

It is challenging for working moms to take care of kids, especially when they are younger. Having someone or people to support you can relieve a lot of stress. If you have a partner and they can get some free time, let them support you. If you have a relative or sibling who can live with you for some time, request them to help you. Another option is to get a nanny or babysitter to help you during your working hours. Some moms may consider employing full-time house help due to the house chores. 

Create schedules

One of the reasons why you will find yourself multitasking is because you want to do several things within the same period. You might want to do laundry, cook, and focus on a work assignment – all at the same time. You will be distracted far too much because you will work for a few minutes and then rush to check on food or the laundry machine. 

Your best way out is to create task schedules. Have a specific time for laundry, washing dishes, cooking, and working. Set aside your breastfeeding time if your kid is younger. Make sure the schedules don’t conflict. Yet ANOTHER one of the best mom tips and tricks at work is actually affected by your time at home!

Learn to say no

You will often find yourself doing several tasks because you have too limited time. This can be because you agreed to do too many tasks beyond your ability. It is okay to say no if the work is too much. Agree to do tasks that you can manage before agreeing to add more.

Measure the amount of work you have against the time you have. Check the work deadline; if it is too close, don’t hesitate to say no. 

Have time for yourself

You may find yourself doing too many tasks because you want to please everyone. You want your kids, your employer, and your partner to be happy. It is easy to create time for everyone else but forget yourself. Have time for yourself by creating time to rest, exercise, and socialize.

If your mental health is affected, your productivity and relationships will be affected too. 

Mom Tips and Tricks At Work: Conclusion

Having kids to take care of and watch them grow makes every mom happy. However, it is challenging to raise a family and work. The number of tasks on your list might keep increasing until a time when you can no longer manage them.

To stay emotionally and mentally healthy, learn the best mom tips and trips at work to avoid multitasking. You will stay productive both on your work and home tasks.