3 Dynamic Ways Black Millennial Women Are Influencing The 2016 Election

(Black millennial women) are now demanding solutions and expect accountability from presidential candidates. America hasn’t seen so many black women actively participating in coalitions and activist and nonprofit groups since the ’60s and, consequently, we’re shaping the course of the 2016 presidential election. The current presidential election has not seen so much black woman turn out since the sixties and this can be directly attributed to black women’s awareness of the tragedies that shape their lives, especially prevalent due to social media. Black voter turn out has been on the rise since 1996 and black women voters have outpaced black men since 1998. According to the Wall Street Journal, black women are the backbone of the democratic party and that is not hard to believe considering their efforts to mobilize voters, not just through traditional methods but through platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Black women are focusing on advocating specifically for themselves after distancing themselves from first wave feminism due to it’s blatant racism and mainstream, third wave feminism due to it’s lack of inclusivity.  Gender equality is once more a hot button issue, especially for black women who make 57 cents to a man’s dollar and 20 cents less than women in general.

To learn more abot how black women are influencing the 2016 election, read the rest of the article on Forbes.

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