3 Insanely Powerful Tips To Turn Your Blog Into A Book

Dawn Michelle Hardy, a.k.a., The Literary Lobbyist, is highly knowledgeable about what it takes to get content published. Her title of “Literary Lobbyist,” was granted to her by EBONY during the years she worked for the publication and is well earned for the time she spent helping new authors break into the literary field.  In this article, the award winning publicist and literary agent offers insanely powerful advice on how bloggers can successfully become writers and how to effectively turn their blog content into book material.  Dawn’s points for success include following the 80/20 rule, moving from journaling to prescribing and writing a business proposal.

The 80/20 rule refers to how editors want 80% of what is not already on the blog and only 20% of what is. Editors are more interested in getting out never before seen content, than the stuff that is already free and easily accessible. Moving from journaling to prescribing involves switching to a format that allows your audience to learn from your experience. Lastly, writing a business proposal is exactly what it sounds like. A blogger turning writer will need a proposal and also need to draft a few chapters as a writing sample or provide a concept inspired by their blog. Following these insanely powerful tips should help any blogger get on track to getting published.

To learn more about how to turn your blog content into a book, read the rest of the article on 21ninety. 

Insanely Powerful

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