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3 Ways Millennials Network Differently Than Their Parents


Millennials, as disruptors, like to do things differently.  It’s no surprise that they steer away from traditional networking events after working hours.  This is because they perceive older generations as less lively and working for paycheck over purpose.

When given a choice, millennials value deep relationships which further their career over superficial professional connections.

Millennials prefer the office environments of generation past.  Baby Boomers prefer to attend structured network events when conversing with colleagues.  Older generations exhibit more refined characteristics than those of millennials, such as pragmatism.

Millennials haven’t historically been a lenient generation.  As they mature, they are accepting the fact that spending time with colleagues outside of work builds a positive reputation.


1. They’re scheduling networking playdates.

Older millennials are parents first and foremost.  They spend time with their children whenever possible and value work-life integration.  Because they multitask far more than previous generations, those with children leverage a common bond.  Scheduling playdates with colleagues who have children allows millennial parents to relate on a personal level.

2. They’re skipping company happy hours in favor of networking dinner parties.

Millennials drink more wine than previous generations, but would prefer to do so at home rather than at social gatherings.  Millennials are similar to introverts, thriving in real and honest interactions.

3. They’re bonding through high-energy activities.

Millennials are less interested in playing golf than previous generations.  As a generation valuing both fitness and inclusion, they’d prefer to connect in a high-impact, boutique fitness studio.

More than 1 in 3 Americans employed today is a millennial.  Overlook their seemingly gregarious personality at traditional networking events, because they would prefer events stimulating genuine connection.  If organizations want positive team engagement outside the office, they should consider millennial interest, deviating from tradition.

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