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5 Things Successful People Do Over The Holiday Break

5 Things Successful People Do Over The Holiday Break

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Last year, 15% of organizations closed their offices completely during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  For overworked millennials, they’d prefer to use the week off to catch up on household and leisure activities.

But as professionals in the early years of their career, using all 7 days to relax, tend to housework, and socialize is not time well spent. Rather, they should spend the break maximizing their time, improving themselves professionally.

As a millennial HR business partner, when Kristen Collins connects with existing and potential team members after the holiday break, she’s always pleasantly surprised when she hears a professional spent their time doing any of the following

Evaluating their 2017 budget and setting a new budget for 2018

For every month of 2018 millennials should create a personal budget worksheet.  For parents, this should include the expenses of children.  Similar to an actual organization, millennials should strive to increase the savings line item in the budget, or add another line item that fosters personal growth.

Renegotiating the cost of expenses

At this stage in their lives, millennials can negotiate most of their bills. Some will require more negotiation than others, but in the end, the cost savings can be redistributed towards self-improvement goals

Trying a new activity with their family

Millennial parents should spend time doing an activity different from the normal weekend outings with their children over the holiday break. In this instance, self-improvement powerfully affects the children and sets an example for the long term.

Continuing their education

Collins often hears of millennials who consider pursuing professional development courses over the holiday break. It demonstrates intent to take an active role in their career.

Meeting other professionals within their industry

The holiday break is an excellent time to begin participating in a professional organization either as a regular or committee member. So, it’s an excellent opportunity to increase duties and responsibilities.

Working on these 5 things will help millennial professionals become more successful in their careers, finances, and relationships.  Taking time to overcome insecurities is an important step on the path to maturity.

What do Successful People Do Over The Holiday Break?


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