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Toxic Work Environments: 15 Ways ERGs Mitigate Them

1. ERGs Mitigate A Toxic Work Environment by improving employee engagement.

By now, the most successful companies know ERGs support learning and development by offering formal and informal leadership opportunities and creating visibility for employees who are active. But not many understand they also mitigate a toxic work environment; they provide a resource for leadership and decision-makers regarding staff/community issues, needs and policies.

  1. They DEFINITELY improve employee engagement.
  2. They provide an often imperceptible layer of personalized support.
  3. ERGs mitigate a toxic work environment by bringing in external thought leaders and experts to improve mental health.
  4. They host off-site, external diversity days.
  5. ERGs informally connect with employees who are considering leaving the company.
  6. ERGs encourage underrepresented employees such as working parents and women in the workplace to network with other team members.
  7. They bring in external thought leaders and experts to boost employee morale.
  8. They “check in” with their members.
  9. ERGs mitigate a toxic work environment by serving as a successful retention tool.
  10. ERGs mitigate a toxic work environment by encouraging a Diversity and Inclusion Employee Floating Days Off policy.
  11. ERGs often celebrate the milestones and personal and professional achievements of colleagues.
  12. They share key ERG KPIs with human resources and executive leadership teams.
  13. They help companies retain diverse and underrepresented professionals.
  14. ERGs elevate the voices of prospective diverse leaders within an organization that may not otherwise have a platform to show their leadership skills.
  15. ERGs bring in external thought leaders and experts to educate employees.

The cost to replace each working mom manager making $40K+ is $8,000. The cost to replace each working mom executive making $100K+ can be as high as $213,000. Compared to the alternative, it costs virtually nothing to ensure these women are heard and understood by offering them unique programming in the workplace.

Christine is a working parents and women’s ERG subject matter expert; employees have ranked her talks the best corporate programming event of the year. Christine is a great facilitator for this audience, understanding their challenges and encouraging them to have lively discussions.

  • Improve employee well-being
  • Provide care for employees and their families in challenging times
  • Solidify trust
  • Attract and retain diverse talent
  • Increase productivity in the workplace

Christine provides a unique perspective to workshops, webinars, podcasts, panels, university discussions, global conferences and annual events. Check out Christine’s speaker reeldownload her media kit or read some of the testimonials Christine has received for her talks.

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