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He’d taken Mommy’s coffee cup from the table, Added salt to it, and started his fable. “Mommy I wanted to give you something too! I added special sugar to your morning brew!” Mommy was not amused- her temper started to grow. After all, she was no good without her morning joe. Finally… A Children’s

Mommy And Me Influencing: The Latest Generation Alpha Trend

Today five-year-old Honor has over 7,000 followers on Instagram, and though this figure seems small compared to other kid influencers such as Ryan Kaji (of Ryan ToysReview), Honor boasts an impressive 30-day engagement score of 13%. https://www.forbes.com/sites/christinecarter/2019/06/17/mommy-and-me-influencing-the-latest-generation-alpha-trend/#6d51ad417879

Why So Many Millennials Are Moving From Impostor Syndrome To Summit Syndrome

Simply put, summit syndrome is the act of “chasing an unattainable corporate high.” Summit syndrome spawned from impostor syndrome in the workplace looks like the unnecessary acquisition of advanced degrees and board memberships and self-destructive behavior. https://www.forbes.com/sites/christinecarter/2019/05/22/why-so-many-millennials-are-moving-from-impostor-syndrome-to-summit-syndrome/#1c5a29fb534d