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Brand Marketing Consulting vs. Strategy Consulting: What You Need From An Agency

To know how to work with agencies, one must have a clear understanding of what you want for your business. And vetting that the agency can deliver. Establishing clear expectations from both sides is essential.

  • But have you ever wondered what’s the difference between a brand marketing consultant and a brand strategy consultant?
  • How to determine what’s best for your needs?

Specifically, if they can be interchanged. In order to effectively decide what’s needed to meet your business needs, let’s break the roles down.

What does a brand marketing consultant do?

Brand marketing is setting your product or service apart from others. Through differentiation.

This is important since it defines how you want your product to be perceived. So this perception will communicate who you are consistent.  This can also include logos, key identifiable traits, and design.

A brand marketing consultant will provide a detailed marketing analysis of the business. More importantly, they research current trends on what drives and motivates consumers and your target audience to similar products. This, in turn, will result in the creation of specific strategies. And these strategies drive the target audience to your product.

For instance, specific brand strategies include:

What does a strategy consultant do?

Strategic consulting involves a partnership between a qualified consultant and the business.

This is a partnership by implementing a detailed plan of action to achieve specific goals. Goals should be met. So, by giving feedback, modifying, and ensuring end goals are met.

For examples, specific goals include: Lead generation, Female leadership training


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