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Can Mommy Go To Work?

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He’d taken Mommy’s coffee cup from the table,
Added salt to it, and started his fable.

“Mommy I wanted to give you something too!
I added special sugar to your morning brew!”

Mommy was not amused- her temper started to grow.
After all, she was no good without her morning joe.

Finally… A Children’s Book For Working Moms.

Can Mommy Go To Work? is the best-selling children’s book from writer Christine Michel Carter. A marketing professional and mother to two children, Carter wanted to write a book for other mothers who struggled with work life balance and felt guilty for wanting to further their career. Also, the book features elephants not only because they’re intelligent animals known for caring for their young, but also so families from all races can relate to the story. On average, every three days a copy of the book sells around the world!

What’s It About?

It’s called a children’s book for working moms because Mommy is the main character, not her children. Through the book child readers will see “the other side of the story.” They’ll understand why their moms work so hard and the sacrifices their moms must make. Also, parents reading the book will feel understood, loved, and appreciated, and will most likely see themselves and their career path in Mommy. Even grandparents will appreciate the nod in Can Mommy Go To Work? to elder family members who help working parents with child care.

There is power in reading about someone like you. Many moms wish they had books and experiences that matched their lives when they were growing up. As a result, this book gives the children of working mothers that book and that experience. It is a quick, easy-to-read children’s book that the whole family can enjoy in the car on the way to school or at night before bedtime.

Can I order bulk copies for my organization?

Can Mommy Go To Work? is a quick read and a fun way for parents and women in employee resource groups (ERGs) to discuss working with their children. Additionally, companies have ordered the book in bulk as a giveaway for their employees. Request a bulk order by sending an email.

Can Mommy Go To Work? | Best-Selling Children’s Book

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Author: Christine Michel Carter

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