Buying Power of African American or Black Consumers

Six Ways The Black Millennial Mom Can Save Your Brand

The following is part of a bigger presentation Christine Michel Carter delivers at conferences and in the media on black consumers called “Creating Content for a $1.5 Trillion Audience.” For more information or to have Christine deliver this presentation, please visit her Speaking page. For testimonials about her work with brands, visit her Testimonials page. Here are six ways

Staying Sane As A Working Mom

  This post was written by Yasmine Decosterd, Founder of Crystal Wellness Company. I call the window of 3:30PM onwards “comatose parenting” because that’s honestly what it feels like most days. Finding the balance of what hours of the day to use for work vs homeschooling vs family time vs selfcare has been insanely

How to talk to children about Indigenous Peoples Day

This topic is hard to discuss even for adults, so how do we talk to children about it so they can get a better perspective of Indigenous Peoples Day means for our history? Isn’t changing the narrative of something that happened centuries ago too woke? The historical revisionism of a national holiday is good.