The Challenges of Raising a Black Girl to Feel Beautiful

Anti-black racism makes raising black children a struggle. Thanks to branches of antiblackness such as colorism and eurocentrism, a whole other slew of problems arises when raising black girls. When raising a black girl, one of the major challenges to face is trying to make her feel beautiful. Beauty standards often exclude black women,

‘You Live in Baltimore?’

For a number of reasons, one American city in the great state of Maryland has become a special case in places with bad reputations. Baltimore has gained a less than glowing status in the collective consciousness of American society. This could be due in large part to shows like The Wire, the national media,

Meet The Professional Group Supercharging Black Women

The Bougie Brunch Group serves as a national resource and platform to uplift, encourage and support women in their professional development and entrepreneurial endeavors while connecting them across various cities and industries.

We Need to Talk About Dog-Whistle Diversity

Dog-Whistle Diversity is the notion that companies are making strides to be more diverse (to support business objectives and company growth), but once diverse employees enter the company (diverse in age, gender and race), they’re subject to indirect discrimination. In other words organizations are making efforts towards diversity and inclusion in name only. Detriments