Interview with Christine Michel Carter

What are your thoughts on stay-at-home moms vs. working moms? “Working mom” is a popular parenting buzzword that’s getting a lot of negative attention in recent months. Some stay-at-home moms find the phrase alienating because the “working mom” phrase originated from mothers who worked full-time jobs in offices outside the home. However, in recent

Mental Health Resources for Working Moms

This article was written by Kristen N. Hubbard. Mental Health Resources: Why Working Moms Need Them It should go without saying that working moms have it hard. Working moms are expected to be breadwinners, then go home and work the ‘double shift’ of chores, homeschooling and childcare. They are suffering from burnout due to

Homeschooling Resources for Parents

  This article was written by Jacob Pomeroy   Homeschooling, long stigmatized by misinformation, has become a growing necessity (and burden) for parents in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  With school lockdowns in effect, a majority of parents have found themselves forced into the inconvenient situation of having their children learn remotely.  Single,

Four More Global Working Moms You Should Be Following

Discover four more global working moms you should be following on social media. Vanessa Vale Moms can be creators of their own worlds too! Vanessa Vale is a USA Today bestselling author of sexy romance novels. She even has her own series of Bridgewater historical romance series. An international author You can find Vanessa’s

How COVID-19 Impacted Divorce For Working Moms

This article was written by Kristen N. Hubbard. It has been established that 2020 was roundly considered a miserable year and that COVID-19 was responsible for a good portion of that misery. One sliver of the abundant suffering doled out by COVID-19 was an increase in divorce rates. This article will explore some of