10 Productivity Tips for Working Moms and Mompreneurs

As working mothers, we must know certain crucial aspects to keep our grind on point. Here are 10 productivity tips for working moms and mompreneurs! 1. Do the research. Plan your project carefully and thoroughly. Impulsive decisions are sometimes good, yet it may be best to plan for business and production. While you still

how to start a mommy and me business

How To Start A Mommy And Me Business

Starting your own business, being the administrator of your own time, and your schedule is often very appealing. Even more so in COVID times, it’s known for a fact that managing your job from home might be a hassle as well, so why not start your mommy and me business to improve your finances,

How To Become A Mompreneur

A mompreneur is a mother who is also employed or operates a business. A mom executive is a mother who also manages a team of professionals at an organization. They do not necessarily have to be a business owner, as many working mothers are building their own personal brands while working for another company.

Yes, It’s Alright To Say ‘No’ At Work

Pre-Covid-19, many working moms already felt the need to say “yes” in an attempt to demonstrate proficiency in their role. Women have to earn that perception in majority-male workplaces. At a minimum, women say “yes” to prove that they value their work and are a team player in the effort to combat stigmas often associated with