Dozens Of Black Celebrities And Mothers Advocate For House Of Representatives HEROES Act

In partnership with The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights’ campaign, And Still, I Vote, mom and entrepreneur Tina Knowles-Lawson shared an open letter to Congress last Thursday urging officials to protect the voting rights of all registered voters, especially the Black and Brown communities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

The White Parent’s Guide to Raising Anti-Racist Kids

How you engage your children in talks around race can make all the difference in their inclusiveness of others. These are the best ways white parents can lead impactful and meaningful conversations with their kids to dismantle racism.  

Five Upsides To The Coronavirus Recession For Millennial Families

With no end of stay at home orders or a cure to COVID-19 in sight, it can be difficult to think of silver linings the coronavirus recession has brought. But, here are in fact, five upsides to the coronavirus recession for millennial families.  

Without Question, Biden Needs Black Mothers To Win The 2020 Presidential Election

Biden will need to convince black moms why he’s worthy. In light of the global pandemic and recent civil unrest, black mothers are exhausted. These women are being vocal about issues and injustices, seeking solutions from prospective political candidates- and voting out incumbents without answers.