When Burnout Affects Healthcare Physicians And Its Effect On Working Mothers

HealthLeaders Media reported that nearly half of physicians nationwide are experiencing burnout symptoms. A study published in October found burnout increases the odds of physician involvement in patient safety incidents, unprofessionalism, and lower patient satisfaction. Burnout has also been linked to negative financial effects on physician practices and other healthcare organizations.  What’s Causing Physician Burnout  “Physicians face the dilemma of

Mommy And Me Influencing: The Latest Generation Alpha Trend

Today five-year-old Honor has over 7,000 followers on Instagram, and though this figure seems small compared to other kid influencers such as Ryan Kaji (of Ryan ToysReview), Honor boasts an impressive 30-day engagement score of 13%. https://www.forbes.com/sites/christinecarter/2019/06/17/mommy-and-me-influencing-the-latest-generation-alpha-trend/#6d51ad417879

FlexJobs: Free Guide for Moms Returning to Work

Whether it has been months or years, trying to return to work after being a stay-home mum comes with challenges. According to a FlexJobs survey of more than 900 stay-at-home parents, 88% said they are somewhat or very concerned about re-entering the workforce. More than half reported taking a longer break than they originally planned, making

Why Is Infertility Still Taboo in the Black Community?

We’re having a heartfelt and engaging discussion on reproductive challenges within the black community. Because the time for change is now. So, why do women in other cultures and communities feel comfortable speaking about their experiences while black women do not? Why is infertility still considered taboo? In the last decade, it’s been common

5 Reasons You Need To Open A New “Thank U, Next” Bank Account

Millennial and global traveler Winnie Sabbat is the financial director of a multi-million dollar marketing firm in New York. She is the author of Petite-A-Petite: One Woman’s Journey Across the Globe in Search of Happiness. Winnie’s debut novel details her travels as a single woman, finding spirituality and happiness outside of religion and marriage. Winnie