Employers: Don’t Stop Your Team From Building Personal Brands

Elizabeth Harr is a partner at Hinge and author of The Visible Expert and Inside the Buyer’s Brain who specializes in analyzing personal brands. It is Harr’s belief that brand building should be a crucial part of a company’s development. Reputation and overall visibility are products which allow a company’s message to reach more of their intended audience and makes the brand more visible. However, when it comes to employees building their own personal brands during their employment, companies tend to be leery. Harr wants companies to understand that employees building their own personal brands is not necessarily a red flag signaling that the employee will soon be gone. “Improving a brand’s perception can do a lot of good for a firm. So why are some organizations leery of their employees’ personal brand building efforts? It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re looking for another job.”

The Halo effect proves that employees pursuing their own business endeavors garners recognition for the company they work for by association, which has led to firms being more open to employees building personal brands and even actively helping them in their endeavors. Beyond the Halo effect, companies benefit from employees building their own personal brands and experience higher growth, increased reputation, greater employee engagement and gaining access to a group of employees that are prepared to become future leaders. Michelle Thornton Ghee is one such future leader, who used her personal brand, Stratechic, to boost her resume and secure full time employment. While working for BET, Ghee followed her own passions and set up a channel exclusively for black women called BET Her. Ghee went on to establish Stratechic, a brand to help women develop a personal life plan.

To learn more about why companies should embrace their employee’s personal brand, read the rest of the article on Forbes.

Building Personal Brands


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