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Five Things All Working Mothers Should Know How to Do

Women have the gift of multi-tasking. This is why most moms are able to balance their job and being a mom. Moreover, there is no downtime as a mom- even when you are sick. There are no sick days! Mothers also have to learn patience the hard way, which is a great leadership trait. Whether you have it or not, your patience is always tested.

We have all felt the challenges of being a woman and a mother. Throw in the ingredient of being a working mother and the recipe grows into a meal we can feast off of for a long time.

Let’s take a look at 5 things all working mothers should know how to do.


You can’t help someone else if you aren’t fully replenished. I know you won’t get 8 hours of sleep but get as much as you can while remaining hydrated.

Delegate or seek help.

If your children are too young to help around the house seek help from others, spouse, grandparents, godparents. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! If your children are old enough to do certain things…delegate age-appropriate tasks for them.

Network with other moms.

Sharing tips, ideas, life hacks, playdates, professional challenges/solutions are valuable.

Prioritize and be present.

Your greatest gift belongs to Working Mothers Should Know. Don’t be afraid to say no sometimes to outside factors.

Become CEO of your family’s calendar.

There are several apps for planning. These are helpful to alleviate your stress when you know what you’re doing and when.

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