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Flexcations: Working While Enjoying The Comfort Of A Vacation Home

Flexcations: Working While Enjoying The Comfort Of A Vacation Home

In need of a getaway? Sure! Who couldn’t use one right now? Going into our second year in a pandemic between traveling safely, enjoying your vacation, and having work and school responsibilities, planning a traditional vacation might become a hazard. Here’s how you can take advantage of flexcations: working while enjoying the comfort of a vacation home.

Vacations need to keep up without times 

With this new way of living, we are faced with a new way of taking time off! I present you Flexcations. An upcoming travel trend where families rent vacation homes.  Later in August, September, and October and consider staying longer to mix work and go to school remotely.

Vacations on your own time

The advantages to this new approach to your time off may come in handy for the working moms who can work remotely and their kids can complete online assignments anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection. Maybe you won’t be able to get away at the peak of the holiday season. But taking a weekend off and transforming it into a whole week where you and your kids can still take care of your responsibilities and have a wonderful time is a win for everyone!

Flexcation This is the new way to have a safe time off and enjoy your family

“This summer, we’ve seen countless families switch to road trips and rent private vacation homes instead of taking traditional vacations.” A nationwide survey  of families point directly that the Flexcation mindset is the new way to take vacations:

  • 50% of those people who surveyed agreed that flexible school schedules provide more flexibility in vacationing, while 48% said they can remote work from anywhere
  • 21% of participants said that working from anywhere created huge travel opportunities during the second half of 2020.
  • 67% said “I just need a change of scenery” when asked why they might take a family vacation through year-end, suggesting a new motivation for getting away apart from the usual seasonal trips

Plan and take a very much-deserved time off!

Consider this new way of vacationing. Maybe your next vacations look like taking a road trip or renting a  vacation home. Perhaps even take several weekends off during the year since prices for vacation rentals on websites like Vrbo typically drop during the offseason. Either way, look into your different options and travel safe!

These are just a few ideas of how you can take advantage of flexcations. Like working while enjoying the comfort of a vacation home!

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