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Here’s How to Create A Style Guide For Your Influencer Brand

Here’s How to Create A Style Guide For Your Influencer Brand

The state of Influencer Marketing Report conducted by Linqia in 2018. It shows that 51% of people care more about marketing content from influencers rather than brand-created content. For this reason, brands have turned to influencers for marketing and millennial mom influencers fit their needs best. Mothers also control 85% of household purchases and have a spending power of $2.4 trillion.

Fifty-five percent of millennial moms are asked for their opinion about purchase decisions, compared to 39% of total moms. Brand marketers are selective about what kind of mom influencers they target. However, only millennial moms who have dedicated time and money to their personal brand fall on the radar.

For those millennial moms who want to be taken seriously by brands, a style guide serves as a road map. It helps to make your personal brand stand out from others.

What is a brand style guide?

Metaphorically, if an influencer’s social media sites were their home. Brand style guides serve as markers of an influencer’s products, describing exactly what the brand is about creatively, contextually, and emotionally.

Here is an example of the Forbes Styleguide, which exists as a platform to promote uniformity in style and formatting across all Forbes Digital products.

As an influencer, event coordinators, brand marketers, even personal assistants, and content creators will need a copy of your brand style guide so they can clearly understand your values.

As an entrepreneur, it’s critical to document the distinct components of your brand. And share those components with team members for growth.

To learn more about the elements of a Style Guide, read the rest of the article on Forbes.

An excerpt from Christine Michel Carter's brand style guide for her personal brand and Mompreneur... [+] and Me.


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