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How To Balance Being A Millennial Tech Founder With Fatherhood

How To Balance Being A Millennial Tech Founder With Fatherhood .CreateHER Stock

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SpokeHub is a North Carolina-based, fast-growing platform. It gives users a chance to engage in meaningful conversations about the subjects they care most about.  The founders wanted hubsters (users), to have something more than other just social media sites. Hence, by downloading SpokeHub, users can zero in on topics that interest them.

Launched in 2017, the black-owned tech company is becoming a go-to platform for like-minded individuals. The five founders have over 50 years of combined experience.

In fact, African-Americans make up a tiny fraction of the white and Asian male tech workforce. So a progressive black-owned tech company is rare. SpokeHub is hoping to inspire the next generation of black entrepreneurs.

More importantly, they are backed by the Google for Entrepreneurs Exchange Program.  It allows for effective and engaging communication. Also, while providing opportunities for businesses to have direct access to their customers.

SpokeHub team with Brand Ambassador and TV Star George Lopez. Pictured from Left to Right: George... [+] Lopez, John York, Robert Hartsfield, Taylor Glymph, Richard Berryman III (in the back), Kerianne Enderline & Yolanda Rodgers Howsie (sitting down).

Interview with Richard Berryman III – Tech Founder

One of the founders, Richard Berryman III, is a father of two. In addition, Berryman also serves as the vice president of business development. But he believes that parenting is extremely important to his identity. So, he describes the experience of fathering a tech company, while fathering generation Z and Alpha.

1.The critical component to successfully handling your personal and professional responsibilities.

Navigating the day-to-day as an entrepreneur requires

  • balance,
  • keeping a tight calendar, and
  • prioritizing based on needs throughout the day.

2. Advice for millennial fathers.

The key is realizing that being an entrepreneur is not a typical 5 day, 40 hours per week commitment. It’s a 7 day, early mornings, and late nights scenario. Being able to work with a clear mind and staying fresh is critical. So in my off time I like to work with community related activities. Also, being there for kids events and spending that necessary quality time. Hence, be prepared to work late into the night in order to capitalize on your family time during the day. 

3. Thoughts on the work-life balance.

I see my role as the father and husband as someone who makes my wife and girls feel safe and loved. Also, I support their dreams and aspirations and make sure they are always confident in who they are and ALL the wonderful skills they possess. As a co-founder, I make sure my household embodies those entrepreneurial beliefs. ALL ideas are welcome.

How To Balance Being A Millennial Tech Founder With Fatherhood


Tech Founder

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