As a “new reality” settles in with COVID-19, here are some ways to keep your kids occupied while having to work from home.

By: Sarah C. Lane

Before the start of COVID-19, parents and their children had a set schedule: the parents went and worked within their professions while their children would attend school. Unless a child was homeschooled, parents and children would see one another before their day started and then would see each other after at home the same day.

How has this changed though since the pandemic started?

Let’s just say: immensely. With schools closing down for the unforeseeable future, as well as parents having to work from home, how can parents balance work-life while trying to entertain their kids?

Adjusting to the “New” Normal

While it is not the more ideal situation, families with children have learned over the past few months their “new” schedule: parents who worked within their professions before the pandemic now Working from home, while their children have switched from attending school to “virtual learning”.

While some have been adjusting to this sudden change as best they can, some are just not doing so well. In an article from The HR Director titled How Covid-19 Will Change Our Perspective On Working Remotely, author Alison Hallett writes, “The shift to remote working – particularly at a time when social activity is restricted or forbidden – means it can be very difficult to separate work and home life.”

But who says this has to stop parents and children from having fun?

How To Keep the Kids Occupied

Being home 24/7 with kids while working can certainly bring some stress onto a parent. While the child does have to complete their school work online, what good is it for a child to stare at a screen for hours without any breaks? While it would be ideal for some, children have a short attention span so it is best to get them interacting.

Here are some ideas you can do with your kids:

A Creative Approach

Every child loves letting their imaginations run wild. Children have this admirable trait where they are curious about the world, so choose some activities that will engage with those interests.

If you have a child who loves getting their hands dirty and to create. For the creative kids in your life, try some of these activities:

  • DIY crafts
  • Try a new recipe
  • Art projects that are associated with their schoolwork

And while they are having fun, it will get their creative juices flowing and it can help their imaginations run wild. Even though this may not work for some parents, it can occupy their child, and this way, both parties are satisfied.

Get Their Blood Flowing

Children have so much energy, so having to sit at a desk and virtually learn every day can sometimes make them go crazy, which in turn can make their parents go crazy. Yes, their P.E. teacher are going to assign them exercises to do and have them record or write about it, but where is the fun in that?

Think of some creative or out-of-the-box ways to exercise with your kids. Some ideas could include:

  • Hiking at your local hiking trail
  • Create a deck of cards with fun exercises to do
  • Dance party
  • Go camping

Not only can these help your children get all of their energy out, but they can also benefit their mental states as well. While children can become addicted to their computers and technology easily, they also can enjoy time away from the screens and outside in nature. While this might be hard for some children and even some parents, it will benefit both in the long run.

For more ideas, check this article: 15 Fun Activities for 3 Year Old Kid with Household Materials

Will Life Be The Same For Families After COVID-19?

COVID-19 has truly changed our world in many ways, much to the dismay of everyone. As we as a society are trying to adjust to a “new normal”, it has truly affected how parents and children would go through a new routine.

But that does not mean that COVID-19 has to change how children and parents navigate life. While children have to turn to virtual learning and parents are starting to work from home, there are many ways to carry on and continue life as normal as possible.

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