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How To Respectfully Address Parents In The Workplace

How To Respectfully Address Parents In The Workplace

How to respectfully address parents in the workplace.

Don’t parent phrase

This is when an important fact is explained to a working parent by an office colleague.

For example, Karen and Marie both work in the same office.  Marie is a working mother and has to leave early to pick up her child.  As a result, she misses the last few minutes of a conference call.  The next morning, Karen passive-aggressively informs Marie that she missed the last few minutes of the call.

This is a form of microaggression.

Be patient

It is essential to be patient with your colleagues who are working parents. Occasionally try to understand their perspective and eliminate negative biases.  A great way to create an equal space is to avoid critical discussions when working parents are first entering the office, or right before they’re leaving.

Accept their family dynamics

The roles mothers and fathers play in today’s s families may seem unusual to you.  Many working fathers are doing their part to increase their household responsibilities.  As a result, some dads require flexible schedules. Moreover, joking about men leaving the office early is an antiquated way of thinking.

Don’t discredit their time spent outside the office

It’s a misconception that working parents aren’t as productive as their office counterparts.  The opposite is true.  Many remote workers cite overwork as their development area of opportunity.

Don’t bring up “work-life” balance

There is no-perfect work-life balance.  For, those who remind us of our need to attain such a thing are frustrating. Hence, we are advocating for tactics to increase productivity, learning from previous generations.  Flexible jobs can improve a working mother’s quality of life.

Transitions out of the workplace should be celebrated, not berated

“Working mom” is a popular buzzword attracting a lot of negative attention.

How To Respectfully Address Parents In The Workplace?


Respectfully Address Parents

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