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How Working Mothers Can Ditch The Act In 2020 And Bring Their Authentic Selves To Work

How Working Mothers Can Ditch The Act In 2020 And Bring Their Authentic Selves To Work

Mothers can Ditch Act.

In this year’s Motherly’s State of Motherhood survey, 10% of mothers cited employer conditions as being unsupportive.  Fewer than 9% feel that being a mother has helped them in their career. Moreover, the majority say that they have felt that way since their child was a baby, indicating empowerment coming from within.

Many of the women surveyed are still establishing their reputations in the work environment. Also, they feel the pressure to be agreeable, readily available, and to prioritize work.  More than half of working moms report that working has inspired them in motherhood.  90% say their work choice has helped them set a positive example for their children.

American seems to have a segment of empowered women who are striving to set positive examples.  However, they feel suppressed by demoralizing work cultures.

The solution to this problem is for mothers not to mask their identities at work.  Many Black Americans in the corporate world do this, an act called covering. For instance, 8 out of 10 Black people covered to conform to mainstream work culture.  Downplaying association with race doesn’t help sidestep discrimination, it only leads to distress.  American moms are being called the most stressed out moms in the Western world.  Covering for motherhood is not an effective cure.

Women defined by motherhood, even at work.

Ryan Foland and Leonard Kim are the authors of Ditch the Act. This book helps professionals present their humanity in a strategic way.  Kim suggests compartmentalizing one’s life in order to achieve success.  Many of us are afraid to be vulnerable to others.  Kim also argues that this fear limits one’s career growth.

Revealing your true self helps propel your career.

More importantly, Foland and Kim encourage mothers to ease into being transparent.

Motherhood shows leadership ability, validating patience, and problem-solving skills.  The skills you acquire as a mother are transferrable.

Everyone has a right to be confident. Not to mention, show up to work without being judged.  Mothers can ditch the act they feel they must hold onto and let their true selves shine.

How can working mothers can ditch the act in 2020 and bring their authentic selves to work?


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