Halloween is around the corner and, like everything else this year, the rules for trick or treating this time around are sure to be a little different than usual. Above all, taking your kids (and having kids come to your doorstep) asking for candy around your neighborhood may get a little complicated, while keeping everybody safe. So here are a few tips to turn your house into a Halloween DIY craze!

Homemade Spider Webs

In need of a creepy-looking household? Quick homemade spider webs are what you need!

Materials: Cotton balls pack.

  1. Take some cotton balls (5 will be just perfect) and stretch them out as much as you can.
  2. Get creative with the lengths and tangle the stretched out cotton to staircase handles, door frames, and windows to create a spiderweb illusion that is easy to clean!

Reusable Ghosts

To complete the haunting house Halloween experience I‘ve got some reusable ghosts for you.

What about the kids and their parents lining up on your doorstep this Halloween? How can we keep practicing social distancing while holding on to candy hunger children? 

Materials: You’ll need some empty cans, some white paint, or spray to pale the cans down, and a  permanent marker.

  1. Once your cans are dry, scrabble up a big 0 as the ghost’s mouth with the marker and two little circles for the eyes above it. 
  2. To make a funny tail for the ghost, cut out some large pieces of toilet paper to glue on the insides of the can. 
  3. You can hang them on your door with a clear cord or align them on the floor 6 feet away from each other so people can wait in line!

Plastic bag skeleton!

If you want to make a more lengthy project with your kids and use those plastic bags you have lying around at home I’ve got the perfect decoration for you, a plastic bag skeleton. 

Materials: You’ll do ok with 20 or 30 white plastic shopping bags, and you’ll also need two wireframe clothes hanger, a couple of rolls of clear tape, and a black permanent marker.

  1. Anatomy-wise you will need 4  bones for the arms and 4 bones for the legs. Tape them about an inch or so from the end, and once in the middle with clear tape to keep them in a round shape, next use your fingers to spread apart the ends of the cylinders in order to make the ends of the bones. 
  2. Following, to make the hands begin by spreading a bag flat and folding up a thumb, then continue around the bag folding up a section for each finger. Use tape to define the 5 fingers at the base of each finger. At the bottom of the hand round up the bag to make a wrist. Tape the fingers from bottom to top to give them a long narrow shape.
  3. To make the feet, fold a bag in half lengthways and stuff it so that you get a rectangle out of it, approximately it should be the size of the front half of your foot. Tape it to make it thin and narrow, next gather the bag up behind the stuffed rectangle and fold it so that some is left behind the gathered area. This will become the “heel bone”, fold it back on itself and the part going straight up (the bag handles) should become the “ankle bone”. 
  4. Next, get the two wire coat hangers, one should be used upside down for the shoulders, and the other one should be bent to more of a rectangular shape to reflect the shape of the “ hip bones”. Straighten the hook portion of the hangers and attach them facing opposite directions to form the spine. 
  5. Since this is approximately life-sized, use your own body as a guide for the measurements next, wrap the coat hangers in plastic bags so that they blend and leave the hip bones with some more plastic bags on them.
  6. Finally, add a vertical piece to the hips to extend the spine down to the bottom. 
  7. For the skull, stuff a few plastic bags in a plain white bigger plastic bag until you have an oval approximately the size of your head.
  8. Now take a piece of tape and tape the lower third of the oval to make it smaller than the top this should become what would be your “lower jaw”. 
  9. Now use a permanent marker to draw the skull features onto the bag, add to the top of the head a clear cord with tape or sew it with black thread. 
  10. Finally, assemble the skeleton by gluing or sewing each bone to the next using dark thread or black tape. This will let him hang and move in the breeze. And there you go! Ready for Halloween!

The purrfect Witch Cat lighting. 

You can make some simpler decorations with fairy/Christmas lights and use them as black cats’ lanterns.

Materials: For this, you’ll need scissors, a pencil, some black poster board, and a hole puncher.

  1. Next draw an oval-shaped face with ears of the poster board to make a template.
  2. Cut out as many cats as necessary to cover all the lights in the wire, once you get those done hole punch the eyes and finally attach the cats with the lights as their eyes!

Flying decorations? No, paper roll bats! 

To go with the spooky animal aesthetic you can also make bats with toilet paper rolls.

Materials: For this one, you’ll need 4 toilet paper rolls, black paint, a white permanent marker, black paper, and either tape or glue.

  1. Fold the ends of the paper rolls to make the shape of the ears and the body
  2. Next, draw up some wings on the black paper
  3. Now, paint the body, and once it’s dry tape or glues the wings to the back. 
  4. With the marker, draw up some eyes on the front, finally, you can also tape a clear cord to the top so you can hang them around the house!

Sure, Halloween is different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of this experience and make some DIY projects with your kids. The ability to add their own creative aspect to it makes it unique already, so don’t be afraid to get experimental with colors, sizes, and different decorations to put around the house. The most important part is making it fun for the little ones, also remember you’re using a lot of reusable materials and it’s a win for both your wallet and the planet!