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Many Working Moms Still Plan On Having More Children & Other Millennial Mom Insights

 72% of moms under 30 have at least one child. Millennial moms under 30 also say they feel most strongly defined by motherhood. 58% of working moms still plan on having more children. White millennial moms over-index on having children at a younger age, compared to African Americans and Hispanics.


Motherly is a media company that generates 12 million unique weekly views. Their 2018 State of Motherhood survey offers insights into the attitudes, behaviors, identities, and lifestyles of millennial women. 

Over 5,700 U.S. millennial mom respondents were surveyed online to collect this data. Below are a few key points: 

Millennial moms are the leaders of their families and consider their titles a critical component of their identity. Despite knowing the financial challenges associated with additional children in the household, they go with a “can-do” attitude. 

Only 20% of the total woman surveyed, feel becoming a parent pulled their relationship apart. This number was even higher for African American millennial moms and older millennial moms. White millennial moms are most concerned by a lack of time spent with their partner. 

The most important source of inspiration as a parent to moms under 30 is their family, followed by their faith. 35% of moms surveyed turn to family members for parenting challenges.

In true millennial fashion, these moms’ value authentic connections and turn to their internal network: those with whom they’ve built a trusting relationship.

Mothers with one child have collaborative parenting styles, whereas mothers with two or more children have hands-on parenting styles. As millennial moms expand their families; it becomes more difficult to collaborate with their children and incorporate each child’s perspective into household decisions.  

In addition, African American millennial moms are raising their children with specific qualities to remove racial stereotypes and prepare them for common racial biases. 

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Many Working Moms Still Plan On Having More Children & Other Millennial Mom Insights

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