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Meet The Firm Giving New Working Parents An Instant $6,000 Raise

Meet The Firm Giving New Working Parents An Instant $6,000 Raise- Kickstand Communications

The Firm Giving New Working Parents An Instant Raise

Kickstand Communications has taken workplace innovation one step further. They are Austin-based public relations, content marketing, and social media agency. The firm specifically offers media relations-driven public relations for high-growth tech brands. 

Innovation for us is doing things differently or matching services to solve a specific need we observe in the market,” says Kickstand Communications cofounder Kristina Kennedy. 

The company decided to do things differently with its workforce. They implemented a $500 per month working parent stipend and instant $6,000 per year raise policy for new parents. 

Along with co-founder Molly George, Kennedy aimed to create a high-growth firm for clients that matched the urgency. Kennedy and George have pulled together a team of five women with extensive experience taking companies public. They also support them after, to assist marketing leaders with pre-IPO best practices. 

Working moms and their needs

Working moms Kennedy and George explain that when they became mothers, they realized their needs changed. But their new needs weren’t identical. It’s what led them to offer a stipend vs. a conventional benefit for working parents. 

For the past five years, mothers have reported spending more time on childcare and household maintenance. Kennedy explains that by giving employees the flexibility on where to use the money, they are empowered to solve a problem. More importantly, it eliminates the internal pressure of having to ask for more help at home. 

Employee reaction to the unique benefits is extremely positive- from both those with and without children. In addition to this benefit, Kickstand Communications offers family planning grants that support fertility, egg freezing, and adoption services. 

The combination of these benefits is often highlighted as a reason people stay with the company even if they don’t yet have kids. Because it speaks to how we treat our employees. We’ll be here to support you at every life stage,” reassures Kennedy. 

Read more about Kickstand Communications – Firm Giving New Working Parents An Instant Raise and their workplace innovations on Forbes. 

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