Meet The Millennial Who Created Athena, A Safety Wearable For The 21st Century

As these children of older millennials start college looking to address the issue of assault at its root (and taking measures to ensure their safety), one Philadelphia company has innovated the self-defense industry via a safety wearable. Girls age 16-19 are four times more likely than the general population to be victims of sexual assault, attempted sexual assault and raped. These vulnerable members of Generation Z are looking for ways to protect themselves as they address the root of the problem and there is a Philadelphia company rising to the challenge of providing safety. ROAR for Good has created a wearable safety device called Athena, which contacts and sends location info friends, family and the authorities at the push of a button.

The idea was conceived of by ROAR for Good’s CEO Yasmine Mustafa, who took a solo trip to South America and heard stories from numerous women who had been sexually assaulted and then, a week after returning home learned of another brutal assault that happened a mere block from her apartment.  Mustafa understood then that there needed to be a self defense system designed for women, by women. Most women’s self defense products are devices originally made for men, only smaller and pink and women might hesitate to use those for fear that their attacker will seize them and use them. The safety wearable was featured on ComcastNBCUniversal’s TECHwomen’s conference and the company partnered with RapidSOS to send more accurate location data. Pilot programs for the device have already launched in Philadelphia. The ultimate measurement of success for Athena is to reduce violence against women, but the long term goal is to eradicate the societal norms that perpetuate rape culture.

To learn more about how Athena works to reduce sexual violence, read the rest of the article on Forbes.

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