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Meet The Millennial Who Created Athena, A Safety Wearable For The 21st Century

Meet The Millennial Who Created Athena, A Safety Wearable For The 21st Century

Girls age 16-19 are more likely to be victims of sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, and rape. Generation Z is looking for ways to protect themselves by addressing the root of the problem.ROAR for Good envisions itself serving the world beyond providing safety wearable.

They are committed to helping create a world that’s safer. Where anyone can live their life boldly. Many people promote ROAR for Good, by creating a worldwide movement around safety and empowerment.

ROAR for Good’s user community and consumers comprises mostly women. Women in urban cities, runners, and parents with teenagers and college students. These groups are often most concerned about their safety or those of their loved ones.

ROAR for good – Athena

ROAR for Good‘s CEO Yasmine Mustafa realized the need for a self-defense system designed for women, by women. Hence they created a wearable safety device called Athena.

 I banded together to devise a solution that was stylish, could help deter an attack, would alert help when needed, and couldn’t be used against the person wearing it. That solution is Athena.

Athena gives a short vibration letting the user know whenever a friend or family member begins watching over them. Athena also has 911 calling capabilities and via the ROAR Personal Safety app. Users also have access to self-defense videos, general safety awareness tips, and the latest news related to gender equality.

  • To activate, the user must press the button on the device.
  • User location shared with their loved ones.
  • Users are notified within the app when friends and family check on them.

Athena has two modes:

  1. SilentROAR, which sends a distress message without an alarm.
  2. Alarm Mode, which sounds like an alarm to emergency contacts.

ROAR for Good transformed the self-defense industry with innovation. This is because they address un-met female consumer needs: safety, discreteness, and empowerment.

The company also partnered with RapidSOS to send more accurate location data. Thus making it easier to send a precise location, emergency type, and real-time health information. Primarily, to the first responders in case of a crash or a medical emergency.

The ultimate measurement of success for Athena is to reduce violence against women. However, the long-term goal is to wipe out the societal norms that continue rape culture.

To learn more about how Athena works to reduce sexual violence, read the rest of the article on Forbes.

Meet The Millennial Who Created Athena, A Safety Wearable For The 21st Century

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