Millennial Moms: How To Be Transparent With Your Boss And Communicate Your Needs

In order to demonstrate commitment and fairness to an organization, working millennial moms must be as transparent as possible with their boss. 

Companies striving to create a transparent work culture for employees 

It’s not only a strategy to encourage job satisfaction, retain loyal employees, and increase performance. Transparency is also one of the top four qualities millennials look for in leaders at their organization. 

The professional needs of a millennial mother differ from the needs of the average millennial employee. For this reason, working millennial moms require a more untraditional work schedule. An employer must understand all the personal and professional priorities of a working millennial mom. To that end, having an honest conversation with employers decreases absenteeism, poor job performance, and employee turnover. 

For those unsure about their needs, below are some common requirements of working millennial moms. Rank their importance by your own standards, then communicate them. Also, be prepared to negotiate for those who most support a healthy work-life balance. 

High level of job security 

  • Young people stay with their employers longer than Generation X employees did at the same ages. Thus, employers will benefit from the additional productivity associated with reduced turnover.
  • In addition, working millennial moms will learn more on the job, in turn reaping more benefits for the employer. 

Ability to work from home 

An acceptance of family dynamics 

  • It’s more common for working millennial moms to be the sole breadwinners in their homes.
  • Employers must understand the importance of face-to-face time between a working millennial mom and her child when she’s the sole parent. 

Flexible work schedule 

Lastly, even without all these needs addressed, a very high percentage remains confident they can simultaneously be both great employees and a great parent. A working millennial mom can only achieve both when she is transparent with her boss, expressing her professional needs, and prove her dedication and integrity to the company. 

How to be transparent with your boss and communicate your needs? 


Millennial Moms: How To Be Transparent With Your Boss And Communicate Your Needs

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