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Millennial Moms: The $2.4 Trillion Social Media Influencer

Photo courtesy Dayna Bolden.

Social media influencer.

It’s been widely reported that mothers control 85% of household purchases and have a U.S spending power of $2.4 trillion.  Within this segment are tens of millions of millennial moms.  83% of new moms are millennials, according to a survey conducted by BabyCenter.

New millennial moms spend over 8 hours online searching for parenting advice on social media.  46% of millennial moms trust the recommendations of other parents.  These young moms are happily providing their recommendations and are more likely to do so than the previous generation.

74% of millennial moms report they are sought out more than other friends on a wide range of topics.  Aware of this power, companies often connect with those who have a strong digital influence to sell their products.

Dayna Bolden is one young mother leveraging her influential power, becoming a social media influencer in 2014.  Initially encouraging Black women to embrace their natural hairstyle, she started sharing hair and beauty products she personally loved.  As her audience grew, she began sharing videos and high-quality image tutorials.

Her mission is to inspire and motivate women to be their best selves. 

Her website and social media accounts also feature her lifestyle as a mother, wife, businesswoman, and entrepreneur.  Branding herself as an influencer, she has advertised on the behalf of companies within a variety of industries.

Bolden enjoys using both her website and social media accounts to influence consumers.  She can be more creative with her personal branding on her website but prefers her social media accounts due to the immediate connection with the consumers.  She can also use social media to grow her following at a much faster rate.  However, there is more pressure to engage with her followers via likes and comments.  As a result, she is meticulous about creating engaging content via her brand aesthetic.

Bolden’s efforts have paid off and her Instagram account averages 900 likes per post.  Instagram is her primary social media avenue. Since it is used more by millennial moms than generation X.

In the first half of 2017, Bolden doubled in her income from all of 2016.  She has participated in global 360 marketing campaigns lasting anywhere from 1 day to 3 months.

Bolden also serves as creative director for the companies with which she partners, overseeing the creative process from idea to execution.

Some brands have requested that Bolden include her husband and children in the campaign. Bolden adds there are challenges in being a millennial mom influencer.  However, she considers her value proposition her drive and determination.

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Millennial Moms: The $2.4 Trillion Social Media Influencer


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