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Millennials Are Using These Methods To Combat Their Stress (And You Can, Too)


This April marks the 24th anniversary of Stress Awareness Month.  Millennials report higher stress levels than any other generation and appear to be having a difficult time coping with it.

2016 proves to be a different year for millennials.  Unlike years prior, they have 4 new factors contributing to their higher stress levels.

They’re moving into their prime spending years and they’re making major purchasing decisions.

For over half of millennials, paying for essentials is a source of stress.  The first millennials just reached the peak of their buying power, and younger millennials still intend to purchase homes and cars.  These major financial decisions are contributing to their growing tension.

They’re entering their prime working years and moving up.

3 years ago, 76% of millennials indicated work as a significant stressor in their lives.  For the oldest members of the generation, the pressure to perform and lead their peers has increased.

They’re thinking about their marriage, even if they’re not married yet.

23% of millennials are currently married.  70% want to be.  For millennials in long-term relationships, family, financial, and relationship issues can lead to stress.

They’re Moms and Dads or are planning to be.

30% of millennials have kids and 74% want to.  As parents, millennials strive to perfectly parent, anticipating the needs and granting the wants of their offspring.


Other generations experience and battle tension at these same life events.  Millennials are simply more aware of the impacts stress has on physical and mental health.  Their formula for combating stress is unconventional and radical.

More millennials have adopted an inclusive, two-pronged approach to coping.  First, by calming, and then soothing their mental equilibrium.

According to the American Psychological Association, millennials rely more on sedentary stress management.  Not surprising, given their comfort with technology.

34% of millennials have skipped a traditional meal in the past month.  They are more likely to use herbal remedies and less likely to use prescription drugs for relief.

The millennial formula for combatting stress may not seem revolutionary, but is healthier than other techniques.  Their optimism and influence on consumer behavior will help usher in less harmful habits for future generations.

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