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Move Over Millennials: It’s Time to Discuss How to Win With Generation Z Moms

Move Over Millennials: It's Time to Discuss How to Win With Generation Z Moms

Generation Z moms

Generation Z is composed of people born between 1995 and 2010.  They contribute $44 billion to the US economy and will soon make up nearly half of all new parents.

Importance of Success

Having witnessed how millennials dealt with economic prosperity, followed by collapse, the moms of generation Z are placing more stock on personal success and achievement.  In other areas, they are more like their millennial mom counterparts.  They put less value on money and freedom because their kids are their priority.

Impact of Generation X

The defining moments of generation Z, the September 11th attacks, the Great Recession, and the Student Loan-Debt Crisis, have given them a fight-it-out mentality.  They place a higher value on financial security and career.

Teaching Children Traditional Principles

Generation Z focuses on traditional values more than millennial moms.  They value marriage and responsibility.  However, the imagery and social values of the 1950s don’t resonate with them.

Screen Time

As digital natives, Generation Z is the consumer who has lived in a world with the internet and smartphones.  Motherhood slows their daily technology use down by only an hour.  They use their screen for leisurely purposes for a total of 5.9 hours.

Social Media and Perfectionism

56% of moms in generation Z feel more anxious than most people.  They are more likely than millennial moms to feel social media pressures.  However, unlike millennial moms, they don’t feel the pressure to be the “perfect mom.”  Moreover, though, they have higher levels of anxiousness.  Ultimately, they push back on social media pressure but still, feel it.

Generation Z are digital natives, consumers who have lived in a world with internet, smartphones,... [+] and other ubiquitous digital technologies

Use of Facebook

Moms of generation Z favor Facebook twice as much as their non-parent counterparts.  They are comfortable posting their opinions and expressing themselves online.

In addition, they are also the most receptive to brands and companies on Facebook.  They understand the transactional nature of digital marketing and expect real-world benefits, recommending a brand in return for coupons and deals.

Moreover, 46% of generation Z moms prefer ads tailored to their specific life stage needs, even if that means they collect their personal information.

Ultimately, when companies make a more meaningful effort to engage, these moms are more likely to advocate.  It is a “quid pro quo” form of engagement.

How to Win With Generation Z Moms?


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