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Nine Months Later: How The Little Wing Supports Working Moms

Before she became the first “visibly pregnant CEO” to grace the cover of a business magazine, Audrey Gelman and co-founder and COO Lauren Kassan at The Wing were leveraging the data above and creating an inclusive space for working mothers too. Last year The Wing- the network of co-working and community spaces designed for women that have raised a total of $117.5 million in funding since its founding- created ‘the Little Wing.’  

Primarily, the Little Wing was created to provide Wing members with on-site children’s programming and babysitting. It’s supposed to be a safe space to drop their children off under the supervision of certified babysitters, or ‘Wing-sitters.’   

The Wing already had   

  • innovative workshops and programming in mind for space,  
  • addressing diverse topics such as effective sleep and toilet training,
  • a feminist-curated children’s library,
  • mindful co-parenting,
  • queer parenting and family planning,
  • sibling relationships,
  • stress-reduction,
  • as well as feeding and solid foods.    

But in the past year, after adding recommendations from the working mothers who participated in the program, the Little Wing has evolved into a best-in-class model for parent-friendly co-working and community spaces.  

The Wing addressed some of the emotional challenges mothers feel in the workplace. When those who work in an office tend to feel they don’t belong, and those who work remotely tend to feel isolated and alone. The Little Wing offers parent support groups for new mothers. In addition to the meetups already included in The Wing’s membership fees.  

Millennial moms are committed to eating right and exercising more than, other generations are spending big dollars ensuring their children- generation Z and Alpha– are living lives grounded in health and wellness as well. As a result, they expanded their menu offerings. They included a healthy kid’s menu, inspired by the favorite foods of the team’s children.  

While working parents and family caregivers feel some of the least amount of belonging in the workplace, they are often supported by their partners. Though this is a predominantly female space, they allow male and female partners to partake in the services. The company claims this enables partners- particularly male spouses- to show their support for the mother’s career.  

Other companies are noticing the effort put into creating an inclusive environment for mothers; their leadership team has served as consultants and designers of mother’s rooms for other organizations.   

Babysitting is available for up to three hours a day, up to eight hours a week. Members must remain on-site as long as their children are in the Little Wing. The offerings range from $25-$35 and serve children aged 6 months – 8 years. 

Read more about the little wing on Forbes. 


the little wing supports working moms

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