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Perfect Or Productive: Why 80/20 Is Hard For Millennial Professionals


Perfect Or Productive: Why 80/20 Is Hard For Millennial Professionals

Perfect or productive?

Millennials and generation X are two very different generations, with contrasting behaviors even in the workplace. More than  68% of Inc. 500 CEOs are from generation X.  As more millennials become leaders within organizations, it begs a new question -will the attributes of the millennial generation help or hinder them in becoming more efficient leaders than generation X in the workplace?

Millennials: The Perfect Introvert

Despite being the largest generation in the workforce, many millennials still feel they must validate themselves professionally.  They have Imposter Syndrome and feel the same frustrations and perfectionists.  Meanwhile, millennials struggle with perfectionism more than any other generation.  This explains why millennial professionals struggle with the Parteo principle.  Named after economist Vilfredo Parteo, it describes how 80% of a professional’s output comes from 20% of the time spent on the project.  Additionally, 20% of a professional’s output comes from 80% of time spent on the project.

The first statement uses time more efficiently.  It is not uncommon for perfectionists to be introverted.  Time spent with digital communication and social platforms has made millennials similar to introverts.

In addition for a millennial, these characteristics make the path to leadership problematic.

Generation X: The Productive Extroverts

Having not grown up with digital communication and social interaction, members of generation X tend to be extroverted.  They are confident communicators, not intimidated by authority.  More comfortable in group settings, they excel in verbal communication.  These skills give them a competitive edge and a strong impact within their company.

Millennials place high expectations on managers and peers, but not at a level higher than they place themselves.  As achievement-oriented critical thinkers, they are committed to delivering results, even at the risk of being unproductive.  To become effective leaders, they must improve their efficiency.  They will never grow within the organization without leveraging generation X.

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Perfect Or Productive: Why 80/20 Is Hard For Millennial Professionals

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