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“One of my colleagues came across some of Christine’s articles for Forbes and was intrigued and impressed with her take on things. We were working on one of our accounts that involved food products and we thought—with her background in marketing, food, moms, etc.—Christine would be just right to fill us in on what a segment of America does—and she was. Our call with her was so, so helpful; my colleagues were thrilled with it—and Christine herself. And, personally, as an aging Gen-Xer, I appreciated that she spoke clearly and directly (which many Millennials don’t) and I could hear everything said without straining. I learned more during that 30 minutes than I could reading for a week. And it was a whole lot more fun.” – Cramer‑Krasselt – Stuart Ferguson, Vice President, Director, Research & Knowledge

“Christine was a great speaker that participated in our 5th annual Baltimore Innovation Week; specifically, our Media Conference. She was assertive and direct and added a great voice to the program and the panel she spoke on.” – Catherine Sontag – Events Director

“One of the most talked about sessions…. Christine shares with her audience in an authentic fashion in order to engender the ‘know, like and trust’ factor. One eye-opening point she made was in sharing how she measures the unicorns (impact of influencers).” – Public Relations Society of America

“Christine really honed in on the messaging and themes we were trying to convey about the conference.” – Jenni Ottum – BlogHer17

“Christine is THOROUGH. She gathers data and performs market research to assess consumer and trends. She was able to tell us what medium is best for advertising and how to shape product messages for different demographics and media outlets.” – K. Renee Ward, Entrepreneur and Author