The Best Ways Your Organization Can Support Working Parents

Ways Your Organization Can Support Working Parents

Today, where work and family responsibilities intensively affect working moms, businesses must be prepared to take better care of their employees. Especially for those with children at home. Moreover, for organizational policies that can help working moms, the simplest approaches generally prove to be the most effective

The Importance of Paid Leave

The first thing businesses have to keep in mind is the basics. This will help get a plan rolling for working mothers in their support.

And, Paid leave is one of the best ways businesses can help working moms.

According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), in 2018 only 17% of civilian American workers had access to paid leave. In fact, the Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA (as it currently operates), forces working-class Americans to make a sacrifice. That is income in exchange for time away from their children and other familial obligations.  

Employment Stability

If businesses can provide employment stability, working Millennial mothers can bring loyalty and long-term employment to your organization. Support for working mothers as employees is integral. Equally important is successful working relations within a business.  Also, despite misconception, Millennial workers stay with their employers longer than the members of generation X. 

It is important to integrate working mothers and fathers and cover the basics. Hence if they are supported, they will return good productivity and loyal talent. So, businesses should take the first step and get ahead of the curve. Especially, when it comes to knowing how to take care of employees who have family responsibilities. 

Lastly, paid leave policies, in addition to benefits, will cultivate trust between working mothers and their employers. This in turn will help pave the way towards:

  • greater equality in the workplace,
  • less turnover, and
  • greater productivity for businesses. 

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