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The Call of a Woman: Motherhood, Servanthood and Pursuing Your Dreams


This post was written by Dr. Wanda M. Coleman.

My name is Dr. Wanda M. Coleman.  I am founder of Wanda M. Coleman Ministries. Whose mission is to reach the masses with the Word of God through books, conferences, retreats and social media with the Word of God.  I am called to empower, educate, and equip men and women for life and for service by helping them find their flow in life.

The way we live our lives is a way that worship God.

Oftentimes when we are out of balance in any area of our lives, then likely other areas are impacted.  Our spiritual well-being impacts everything else.  If our spirit man is at dis-ease or diseased, then our personal and professional lives are in danger of being affected.  I love helping people discover their voice and walk in their purpose.  Even more, I want them to walk in their purpose healed. Which requires a relationship with God, spiritual growth, and development.

Being in a Motherhood of young adult children (ages 24 and 21), I am now able to look at working and pursuing my dream differently.  Now, I am able to focus more time and energy on Wanda M. Coleman Ministries, speaking, teaching, writing and coaching, but that hasn’t always been the case.

The call of God to serve in a greater capacity came at a time when I was in motherhood of two small children ages 7 and 4. As a wife, in motherhood, minister, student, and person trying to carve out a place for herself in business, there were times that I definitely wanted to quit.  What motivated me was God’s call and the love and support of my husband, children and support system.  Looking at my children and wanting better for them, and knowing that God called and chose me to affect change in the kingdom kept me moving.

Being a woman pursuing God’s call and her dream comes with a price. 

Oftentimes family takes the hit. There are many days when you give out so much to others that you end up giving what’s left to your family. Mothers stress out, feel inadequate and often wonder if we are doing enough for our children. But what’s priceless to our children is quality time and attention.  Give the best of you in the time that you have together and be present in that time together.  Trying to balance work and family has been a great challenge for me over the years.  I have learned that having boundaries are essential to having peace of mind and a healthy work-life balance.

Sometimes the price we pay is a delay in our pursuit of “things.”  Family is our first ministry.  Our first responsibility.  To stay true to this, at times we will need to reprioritize some things. What helped me was freeing myself of the Tierney of the Urgent.  Everything can’t take center stage in your life; some things will have to wait.  For some, this means placing your dream or career on the back burner for a season so that your children can be raised and reared responsibly.

Unlike a dream or career, we don’t get a “do-over” when it comes to raising and rearing our children.  We must instill beliefs, values, manners, and the desire to do good and a good person while we have the chance.  You don’t have to stop dreaming because you’re in a holding pattern.  There are more Mompreneurs now than ever before because women are learning how to have families and follow their dreams.  The two work in tandem; it’s about finding how it all flows together.

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