The Celebrity Who Loves Crowdfunding: La La Anthony Hosts New Series Featuring Female Entrepreneurs

It’s been proven that funders clicking through projects on crowdfunding sites seem to prefer early-stage, female-led ventures, and one celebrity is looking to highlight these female entrepreneurs who are changing the face of American business in a new web series. La La Anthony hosts “Funded in America”, a six part web series featuring female entrepreneurs who started their businesses via crowdfunding. As Anthony travels the country, interviewing entrepreneur women and discovering what inspired their dream, the audience is invited to see how their business impacts their target demographic. The purpose of showcasing this element of the show, according to Anthony, is to show these female entrepreneurs how their particular brands are changing lives.

Episode one, features Fatimah Hussein and Jamie Glover of ASIYA, a brand which creates sports hijabs and modest activewear. The two female entrepreneurs raised $40,000 for the brand and helped pioneer the movement to create activewear for Muslim female athletes. Anthony, Hussein and Glover visited a local high school where female student athletes were surprised with their own sports hijabs. Trying to help women struggling with their body image and self love is what Anthony credits for the shift in her shows focus, citing a need to “…produce content that highlighted these issues.” Anthony will continue featuring female entrepreneurs whose brands help tackle real world problems and help women learn self love and self esteem. Anthony hopes that future female entrepreneurs will learn from these women and gain inspiration from them. Anthony herself has said that she has learned from the female entrepreneurs she features on her show, patience being the largest and most valuable lesson. Future episodes will feature the leaders of female led companies like Athena, Food Shift and High Tech Heels.

To learn More about Anthony’s “Funded in America”, read the rest of the article on Forbes. 

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