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The Undiscussed Problem About September’s Exodus Of Women In The Workforce

Undiscussed Problem Women in The Workforce

Christine Michel Carter addresses the undiscussed problem of this exodus that threatens to erase all the gains women have made in management and senior leadership roles. For instance, researchers found evidence of women intending to leave their jobs at higher rates than men. When one digs deeper into the Labor Department’s data on women’s employment, it uncovers a more problematic issue.

  • According to the Labor Department’s latest report, 865,000 women left the workforce in September alone.
  • The industry experienced a 1.2% employment decline from August to September 2020 and a 4.3% dwindle since September 2019. 

In addition, she also emphasizes the importance of women in various government industry and critical public sectors where the decline is more.

Importance And Problems Of Women

 In Law Enforcement 

Women constitute less than 13% of total officers and a much smaller proportion of leadership positions. The national issues of racial injustice and civil unrest are likely to occur as that number continues to decline. This includes Black female police officers who are representatives of the black community working to alter an organization which was often viewed as oppressive. 

In Public Education And Health Care 

Almost 76% of public school teachers are female, and the U.S. Census Bureau reported women to account for three-quarters of full-time year-round health care workers. The loss of empathetic teachers and health care workers is likely to create a loss of emotional support as well. Especially in the middle of a pandemic.

 As Elected Officials 

Women especially moms face increased scrutiny when running for officeYet research shows moms in Congress introduce five more bills over their tenure than their peers and they are also more likely to introduce legislation prioritizing the issues that matter most to families. 

 Above all our nation will feel the greatest impact, in the absence of women in these critical sectors working to make a positive difference in others’ lives. 

The extent of this issue is further discussed in the Forbes article.


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