Tips From The Pros: Uncommon Ways Millennials Can Reduce Their Debt and Invest In 2019

2018 was an undeniable year for millennial interest in finance, financial planning, saving and budgeting. According to Pinterest and their annual list of top 100 trends, searches relating to those aformentioned words as well as phrases like, “helping people cut corners”, “pay off debt”, “save up for something nice,” and “52-week savings plan” were up 295%. According to that same list those words and phrases will remain relevant search terms into 2019. There are ways millennials can reduce their debt beyond simply not taking out more loans and slowly paying them off as explained by some financial experts.

Sonia Lewis, CEO of Student Loan Doctor gives advice on how millennials can reduce their debt via student loans. Dave Chase, author of The CEO’s guide to Restoring the American Dream advises millennials to avoid trips to the doctor and to choose an employer that offers a value-based, primary care health plan. These systems rate health care providers on positive patient outcomes as opposed to sheer volume. Courtney Richardson, attorney, investment advisor and former stock broker offers a wider variety of advice, suggesting everything from crowdfunding to buying tax lien certificates. Elizabeth Dawson, financial advisor and founder of Copia Wealth Management and Insurance Services offers advice that is less about what to invest in and more about enjoying your life as it is, making the most of technological resources and moving in with relatives.  All of these pieces of expert advice serve as viable ways by which millennials can reduce their debt and invest in 2019.

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Millennials Can Reduce Their Debt

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