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Vision Boards for Working Moms – Why You Need One

Vision Boards for Working Moms - Why You Need One

By: Victoria Cornell

What is a Vision Board

A vision board is a collage of images and quotes that you put together based on your hopes, dreams, and goals. If you create a vision board or dream board, it helps you manifest your dreams, and it helps you stay motivated and on track to take action towards your goals. 

It’s essential that you place your vision board somewhere where you will always see it, so you’re constantly reminded of your goals and keep your mindset focused on them. 

Why Moms Need a Vision Board

Every mother needs a vision board. We all have dreams and goals we want to achieve, and if nothing else, fill them with the things you love and the things you’re grateful for in life. A dream board should make you smile anytime you look at it. Fill it with your favorite family photos and your favorite quotes. 

Add some future goals and places you want to visit. You can make a new vision board every new year or even once a month. Create vision boards for your family, work goals, vacations, and more! The options are endless, and you really can’t go wrong in making one for yourself. 

How to Make a Vision Board for Moms

There are a few different ways to make a vision board. You can create one out of bristol board, magazine images, or printed out images you find online. You could also get an old picture frame and add pictures that you love to it. ( again magazines or images you find online ) Hang it up where you will see it every day. 

Some other types of vision boards you can make are using cork boards or make an online vision board to have on your phone and desktop. 

Grab your kiddos and show them how to make a vision board too. It’s a great crafting idea for anyone to do. 

Family Vision Boards

Family vision boards are a fun way to get the family together for some quality time. Get everyone to think of some images they want to add of things they’d like, things they love, and their favorite quotes. Print these images off, and you can all add them to a big frame that you can display in your home. 

It’s never too late to start vision boarding and make it a family affair. There is nothing to lose and so much to gain by bringing your family together to create a dream board that has everyone’s hopes, dreams, and goals on it. 

Ideas for your Vision Board

Here are some ideas that you can use for your vision boards. 

  • Your favorite quotes. 
  • Inspirational quotes from your favorite movies or books. 
  • Your dream vacation place. 
  • Your dream job. 
  • A promotion you want. 
  • A salary goal. 
  • A purchase you want to make. 
  • Your family goals. 
  • A home you want to buy. 
  • A car. 
  • Your health goals.
  • A self-care routine you want to implement. 
  • Nutrition goals. 
  • Feelings you want to feel every day. 

Vision Boards for Moms Summary

There are so many things you can add to your vision board. The options are endless and there is no wrong way to create a vision board. Remember that you want to feel happy and motivated when you look at your vision board and you want to feel inspired. Have fun creating your vision board and know that you are enough and you are capable of so much.

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