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Why should employers care about working moms?

Mothers are valuable assets that companies need to retain.

Almost 85% of U.S. employees believe having working mothers in leadership roles benefits a business, employers care about working moms. The same percentage said motherhood helps women prepare for challenges she’ll face as a business leader. People are overwhelmingly more likely to learn soft skills like kindness and empathy from their mothers than their fathers.

Most companies do not keep track of their organization’s care demographics.

Over 70% of employees believe a care giving support group or network and seminars or classes on care giving topics is a benefit that would effectively help them perform their best at work. Over 80% of companies believe both would help them retain talent, yet just 16% offer seminars or classes on care giving topics and just 13% offer care giving support groups or networks.

The “distraction factor” affects top working mom talent within organizations.

Both employers and employees acknowledged that care giving responsibilities affect employee career progression within their organizations. This “distraction factor” was especially true in young professionals with senior executive titles and who managed other managers. Nearly three in five women admit that care responsibilities are on their minds while they are at work, employers care about working moms.

Losing their talent can be costly for companies.

Over 60% of employees turn down a promotion due to care giving responsibilities. Each such departure results in costs related to hiring and training a replacement or providing overtime to other team members.

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