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Without Question, Biden Needs Black Mothers To Win The 2020 Presidential Election

Donald Trump remains unpopular within the black female community, with just 6% of them approving of him as President as of March 2020. Moreover, black women are highly influential across other demographic groups, including Hispanics and black men. This means as the presumed Democratic presidential candidate in the 2020 election, former Vice President Joe Biden will have to convince them why he’s worthy of becoming the 46th president. 

More specifically, Biden will need to convince black moms why he’s worthy. In light of the global pandemic and recent civil unrest, black mothers are exhausted. These women are being vocal about issues and injustices, seeking solutions from prospective political candidates. 

Conversation with Tiffany D. Cross 

Political analyst and author Tiffany D. Cross previously served as the DC Bureau Chief of BET News. She was also the Liaison to the Obama Administration for BET Networks, where she covered Capitol Hill. Cross also produced political specials and oversaw the daily operations of the news department. She also previously served as a Field Producer for America’s Most Wanted and Discovery Communications.  

In an interview, Cross shares precisely why she feels Biden will need black mothers to win the 2020 Presidential Election.  

  • When black women organize, they don’t just organize themselves. They organize the community. Moreover, Black women also have significant economic power—an estimated $1.5 trillion annually, according to Nielsen.  
  • The burden is heavier on black women to drive turnout. However, black voters have always had more serious considerations than the rest of the electorate.  
  • Another issue that did not get as much attention on the campaign trail is public education. From dilapidated schools to attempts to privatize the education system, mothers will have to give serious thought to their down-ballot vote as well. 
  • Black women need GOP officials to stop promoting and perpetuating voter suppression that keeps certain states solidly red. Biden should also have a black woman on the ticket who will help adopt a comprehensive black agenda. 

Lastly, she says,  

Biden definitely needs to do more. But what would be helpful to him is having black women validators at the local and national levels. And, again, having a black woman on the ticket who can energize this voting base and speak to this key constituency would be the most logical start. 

Read Tiffany D. Cross’s complete interview with Christine Carter on Forbes. 


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