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Christine Michel Carter does not write every post on the blog. In fact, she writes very few to provide other working mom writers a space to showcase their expertise and practical tips. It pays off: the blog was named the best working mom blog to follow for support, laughs, and advice!

If you’re looking for marketing exposure, to build credibility, improve your search engine rankings, or a link to your blog for site traffic this is a great opportunity.

Also, if you’re interested in developing your own profile on the blog (complete with an image and bio attached to each article), please let us know. We are looking for lead contributors who are familiar with WordPress and can contribute a minimum of three articles a month, edited and optimized for SEO. Please reply and let us know if you’re interested.

Why Guest Contribute?

Guest blogging is still one of the most effective ways to promote your own blog. The key to making it work is to write your best content on relevant blogs in your niche that have a high volume of followers and subscribers, like the blog! The unfortunate truth is that while you can meticulously plan each guest post you publish to ensure the best chance of it generating serious traffic – some posts just fall flat. You may not see overnight traffic flooding back to your website.

It’s not the end of the world; you still have a great guest post that can unlock other opportunities. Make sure you include a bio and a link to a landing page on your site where visitors can get an exclusive download or find more about your services. Also, we know the whole idea of guest blogging is to help you reach a larger audience. But when you contribute a post to a more popular blog, your usual promotional efforts will have a far larger impact. So when you write for us we ask that you leverage every promotional strategy you can – your personal network, influence marketing, niche bookmarking sites, email outreach, social media, and all the usual stuff.

Pitch your guest post ideas about…

The blog is for moms sick of being patronized at work, overlooked for promotions, passed over for opportunities, or paid less, and for women postponing motherhood and finding success on their own terms. With that said, we only accept work-related articles and no longer accept lifestyle articles.

Can you pitch now?

Yes! Nearly all our successful guest posts come from regular readers. You can write for us by sending your pitch to

Writer’s Guidelines

Due to the volume of pitches we now receive, we’re unable to respond to all the pitches that aren’t a fit for this blog. We do NOT go back to old posts and stuff links in. Please do not pitch us this idea. We’re less concerned about the number of articles you contribute and are more concerned about the depth of content (comprehensive articles) associated with that keyword, as well as being embedded with a great headline, links, images, spelling, and grammatical accuracy.

Please consider writing your articles as an SEO expert would, providing submissions that are more comprehensive than the competition of top 10 ranking websites with that keyword. We ask for 1,000-word minimum articles! The blog has one of the highest DAs and remains a great opportunity for press exposure, to build credibility, improve your search engine rankings, or a backlink to your blog for site traffic.

Our team will follow up and confirm your topic, 1,000-word count, and provide a deadline date. Please, please, please also run your article through for a free spelling and grammar check, hyperlink all links, and attach all images that should be included in your blog.

After you’re notified that your article has been posted, share on your social channels tagging @cmichelcarter and Christine will share with her AMAZING followers!

How to get your post idea accepted so you can write for us

Wondering what makes an awesome post? Think about what it’s like to be a woman in the workplace, and all of the challenges that come with that title. Most of our guest posts contain firsthand, practical advice about how to parent as a professional.

Email to submit your guest post headline. We’ll respond if we’re interested in publishing your article.

What’s SEO?

Some of you have asked how to write something SEO-friendly. We’re happy to help you out by sharing this useful page from, which outlines how to use an SEO content outline to create an article. Here’s the overview of it:

  • Title: A suggested title containing the primary keyword.
  • Description: Short description of the content piece. A ±100 word summary of what the content piece is about, to give a bit of context apart from the title and the rest of the outline.
  • Outline: Headers and subheaders to be included in the piece. Sourced from things ‘People Also Ask’ and tools like Surfer SEO.
  • Length: Suggested length in the number of words.
  • Competition: Top 3 SERP results (including length in words).
  • Statistics: Minimum of three relevant statistics and their source URLs.
  • SEO instructions: Primary keyword, secondary keywords, placement of those keywords, and internal + external links to add.
  • Visuals: Instructions on what type of visuals to add and where to place them. 

Our nondiscrimination policy

We want you to write for us, so we actively welcome useful contributions. If you’ve got helpful information for working parents, we encourage you to email with your pitch.

(If you’re looking to pitch Christine for ForbesWomen, please also email Christine writes for ForbesWomen about the challenges of today’s working parents, so rest assured all pitches will be vetted for credibility. 😊 However, if the pitch isn’t quite a fit for ForbesWomen but is still an informative or inspiring story for working moms, Christine will add an article about it to her blog.)

Please share this writing opportunity with fellow (aspiring or existing) mom writers!

We would love to have you write for us.

Talk soon, and thank you for being a contributor!