Yes, It’s Alright To Say ‘No’ At Work

Pre-Covid-19, many working moms already felt the need to say “yes” in an attempt to demonstrate proficiency in their role. Women have to earn that perception in majority-male workplaces. At a minimum, women say “yes” to prove that they value their work and are a team player in the effort to combat stigmas often associated with working moms.

But now, amidst continued Covid-19 concerns and childcare shortages and virtual learning, this urge to say “yes” is being exacerbated. Now more than ever, there is concern among mothers about receiving visibility in the workplace — getting facetime with key organizational stakeholders and having ownership over impactful projects.

Many are concerned about being passed upon opportunities and promotions. There’s some fear, anxiety, and an overall feeling of unease that stems from saying “no,” especially when, in an ideal world, many working mothers would love to be saying “yes,” but they just can’t at this point, facing competing priorities.

Allison Robinson is the Founder and CEO of The Mom Project, a digital talent marketplace and community that connects professionally accomplished women with world-class companies. Her thoughts on women saying “no” in the workplace can be found in Christine’s article for Forbes. Read More


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