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Looking for a book for moms? You need MOM for mom

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MOM AF is a sister circle in a book for mom, inspired both by Carter’s life and her published articles. Also perfect for fans of I Just Want to Pee Alone and Jill Smokler’s Scary Mommy, moms and women feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of life will find MOM AF cathartic. Watch the video below from Real Housewife of Atlanta and former Miss USA Kenya Moore praising Christine Michel Carter for MOM AF!

Read or listen to CHAPTER ONE: THE F*** TRIP TO CHICK-FIL-A now for free.

Here’s the problem.

I’m striving to be perfect, but am by no means close to it. After all, society demands so much of us. In today’s world, many of us are on the journey to becoming health-conscious women. We desire to be the best moms, partners, and professionals. But we keep running on caffeine, chaos and cuss words. Tireless doubts overwhelm every decision we make.

See? You are not alone.

There are millions of us. We’re flawed. We’re unpolished. We AIN’T wake up like this.

What you need (and what I offer to you through this book) is honesty and companionship. You don’t want to feel regret and believe me, you are not alone. This is a sister circle in a book for mom; it is about YOU. You’re going to hear the story of a woman you’ve never met, but who might be just like you. My spirit is fueled by you. I’m a badass bitch now, but you’ll soon discover that means being a boss in some areas, just okay in a few more, and downright fucked-up in the rest.

Above all, I hope that this book will help you rediscover yourself again—outside of being a mom. I hope it boosts your confidence and makes you feel great in your own skin. It’s okay to want to reclaim your life. To regain your strength, your sexy, and your sanity. It’s my story, but it was written with you in mind, mama, because I, too, sometimes let other forces take it over. At the end of the day, we’re all just striving for balance while raising these little turds; we have more similarities than differences.

You may not be perfect at the end of this book, but hopefully, I can help you be present.

Happy reading.


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