The Concept

Mompreneur and Me® is the first national mommy and me professional development networking event. It has garnered the attention of Adweek and Entrepreneur as well as global brands like McDonald’s and University of Phoenix. Christine noticed there were no networking events for mothers that allowed their children to remain on-site. She understood how stressful, time-consuming and difficult it can be to find quality childcare. Moms should be able to build relationships with other businesswomen and spend quality time with their child. As a result, she created Mompreneur and Me® events in 2015. This way, both parents could spend time with their children and network with other like-minded professionals.

Mompreneur and Me® Events Include

  • A mommy and me physical activity (e.g.: bowling, cooking classes, crafting, hiking, movies, private brunches and lunches, tea time, yoga and zoo parties),
  • A professional development activity (e.g.: advocating for yourself, asking for help, content creation, brainstorming, handling office politics, interviewing, listening, networking, persuasion, resume writing and small talk),
  • An opportunity to mingle and network while childcare watches the children,
  • Local mom bloggers and mom influencers (with their children),
  • A special gift for parents and their child from Mompreneur and Me® sponsors, and
    The events are free for parents and one child to attend (dads welcome!).

Mompreneur and Me® Brand Partners

A special thanks to our sponsors, who keep Mompreneur and Me® events free for mothers and their children. These brands are committed to seeing mothers advance in the workplace. Many of the corporate Mompreneur and Me® sponsors are companies with a female CEO or an above-average number of female executives. Mompreneur and Me® is an inclusive event that helps brands avoid wasting time and money on other marketing activities that diminish the brand.

Mom and Sponsor Testimonials

“I was able to meet Mompreneurs in various industries who offered great advice and suggestions. The speed networking activity provided a framework for purposeful networking and interaction, and I learned actionable information that will help me in my work life.”-Mom who attended Mompreneur and Me® event

“The event was fun. (My daughter) and I really enjoyed it. Thank you again for organizing it!” -Mom who attended Mompreneur and Me® event

“This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the NYC event and meet some amazing moms who are bloggers, content creators, entrepreneurs and influencers.” -Mom who attended Mompreneur and Me® event

“I love Mompreneur and Me® events, but my kids love them even more! They get to do a fun activity with mommy and I get to meet other professional women who love their babies too!” -Mom who attended Mompreneur and Me® event

“I got a better ROI from sponsoring Mompreneur and Me® events in our target markets than partnering with several micro-influencers solely focused on digital connections.” -Brand Sponsor

“Where was this six years ago when I needed more programs to bring us closer to moms?!” -Brand Sponsor

“Working moms are the backbone of our economy and need our full support, and Mompreneur and Me® is changing the dynamics of traditional networking for the modern woman. Who says you can’t hustle while also being a full-time mom?” -Brand Sponsor

Mompreneur and Me® Event Attendees

  • The decision-makers in their household (responsible for 85% of household purchases),
  • Affluent college graduates ages 25-44, with a HH income of $100K, and
  • Mom influencers with a minimum of 30K followers on social channels.
  • Mom influences with a combined reach of over 1 million on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Sponsors… ready to find out more?

Companies complain their target market is ignoring their efforts. But they don’t have the time or budget to manage individual mom influencer relationships, or they create massive corporate events for moms. Even worse, no one attends. It’s because most companies don’t understand how to develop a relationship with working moms.

  • 75% of the moms surveyed after Mompreneur and Me® events said their opinion of the sponsoring brand has changed. They would now patron their businesses.
  • It’s a turnkey, field marketing event. We’ve checked with both the moms and brand sponsors. The moms have used sponsors’ products and services post-Mompreneur and Me® events.
  • The events are deliberately small but mighty! This is thanks to our national network of mom influencers. Also, brands don’t need to manage individual influencer relationships.

Email us for information on how to sponsor a Mompreneur and Me® event.

Mompreneur and Me® Frequently Asked Questions

How has COVID-19 impacted Mompreneur and Me events?

Mompreneur and Me will not be hosting any live events in the foreseeable future. We have converted our national events to virtual engagements to support our community. We will continue to monitor recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

How much does it cost to attend a Mompreneur and Me® event?

Mompreneur and Me® events are FREE for one parent and one child. There’s no need to travel outside your city as well… the events come to you! It’s important to make sure you’re on our mailing list, as subscribers have early access to register for events in their city.

Is there an event occurring in my city?

With overwhelming demand Mompreneur and Me® events can occur in any city. Sign up to be a part of our mailing list, and be sure to tell friends, family and other moms about our events.

How many parents and children participate in an event?

Mompreneur and Me® events are deliberately intimate. This allows for purposeful networking. It also ensures moms receive actionable takeaways. Most importantly, it ensures the safety of the children. Each parent is allowed to bring one child only. It’s important to make sure you’re on our mailing list. Subscribers have early access to register for events in their city.

Are dads welcome?

Of course! We love it when the kids bring Big Poppa!

What happens during the networking/skills hour?

Special guests and speakers vary from event to event. During the professional development hour, parents can get to know other mothers experiencing the same work-life balance challenges. Also, they can make professional connections to advance their career. Network guilt free… let the children make new friends!

What about the childcare hour? What should I expect?

Expect fun… and safety! Our childcare team is CPR and First aid certified, and has experience caring for children. Also, childcare activities vary from event to event. For all Mompreneur and Me® events, both parent and children must complete photo and liability waiver. Parents must also provide a list of allergies, if any.

What is the age range for children to attend?

We welcome children from 4 to 12 years of age. Mompreneur and Me® provides a safe environment for young ones. This includes certified childcare, a secure parent/child sign in and sign out and crafts.

What is the event attire?

You’ll be conducting a hands on activity with your child, so please dress comfortably. Also, moms and their kids should not wear anything they can’t move in comfortably or wouldn’t want to get messy!

Can my company sponsor a Mompreneur and Me® event? Do you host private Mompreneur and Me® events for employers?

We do! Email us!

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