Mompreneur and Me

In 2015, Christine Michel Carter noticed there were no networking events for career-minded mothers that allowed their children to remain on-site.

Understanding how stressful, time-consuming, and difficult it can be to find quality childcare, she created the first national mommy and me professional development networking event Mompreneur and Me®.


It’s not that mothers want to leave the workforce; they can’t overcome specific barriers that keep them from being in the room. Two of those things: a limited network and the national childcare crisis.

Nearly half of stay-at-home moms plan to network with other professionals to find new jobs, but unfortunately, 1/3 of them don’t have contacts. Unlike men, women tend to take on daily or weekly tasks that can’t be deferred—including childcare. 

With Mompreneur and Me®, caregivers can simultaneously spend time with their children and network with other like-minded professionals.

Mompreneur and Me® Events Include

  • A mommy and me physical activity (e.g., bowling, cooking classes, crafting, hiking, movies, private brunches and lunches, tea time, yoga, and zoo parties),
  • A professional development activity (e.g. learning advocacy, communication, conflict resolution, creativity, delegation, emotional intelligence, empathy, flexibility, leadership, negotiation, persuasion, positivity, relationship building, teamwork, time management skills, and work ethic),
  • An opportunity to mingle and network while childcare watches the children,
  • CPR-trained childcare professionals,
  • A special gift for parents and their children from Mompreneur and Me® sponsors, and
  • FREE ATTENDANCE: The events are free for parents and one child to attend (dads welcome!).

Mompreneur and Me® Presenting Sponsors

A special thanks to McDonald’s, our presenting sponsor, and our major sponsors who keep Mompreneur and Me® events free for mothers and children.

Mompreneur and Me® Frequently Asked Questions

Mompreneur and Me® events are FREE for one parent and one child. There’s no need to travel outside your city as well… the events come to you! It’s important to make sure you’re on our mailing list, as subscribers have early access to register for events in their city.

With overwhelming demand Mompreneur and Me® events can occur in any citySign up to be a part of our mailing list, and be sure to tell friends, family and other moms about our events.

Mompreneur and Me® events are deliberately intimate. This allows for purposeful networking. It also ensures moms receive actionable takeaways. Most importantly, it ensures the safety of the children. Each parent is allowed to bring one child only. It’s important to make sure you’re on our mailing list. Subscribers have early access to register for events in their city.

Of course! We love it when the kids bring Big Poppa!

Special guests and speakers vary from event to event. During the professional development hour, parents can get to know other mothers experiencing the same work-life balance challenges. Also, they can make professional connections to advance their career. Network guilt free… let the children make new friends!

Expect fun… and safety! Our childcare team is CPR certified and has experience caring for children. Also, childcare activities vary from event to event. For all Mompreneur and Me® events, both parent and children must complete photo and liability waiver. Parents must also provide a list of allergies, if any.

We welcome children from 4 to 12 years of age. Mompreneur and Me® provides a safe environment for young ones. This includes certified childcare, a secure parent/child sign in and sign out and crafts.

You’ll be conducting a hands on activity with your child, so please dress comfortably. Also, moms and their kids should not wear anything they can’t move in comfortably or wouldn’t want to get messy!

We do! 75% of the moms surveyed after Mompreneur and Me® events said their opinion of the sponsoring brand has changed. Email us!