Consumer Marketing Strategist

Christine has worked with top leaders in manufacturing, retail and tech at Fortune 500 companies. She is also a thought leader in multicultural marketing strategy; her consumer insights have been included by other authors in their books. After over 15 years in consumer marketing, Christine has perfected an “art and science” approach. Her approach includes art because it requires personal experiences, raw honesty, real understanding, and forethought. The science refers to the insights, marketing analytics, big data, brand positioning, case studies, best practices, psychology, and sociology involved.

Christine Michel Carter is once again returning to her coaching and small business consulting roots by conducting business plan and marketing plan strategy reviews for startups and side hustle entrepreneurs. Find out more.

Company & Brand Clients Include

WikiHow Industry-Leading Marketing Expert

Christine Michel Carter is a WikiHow marketing expert. Together with WikiHow, she provides their audience with the most helpful instructions on marketing. Christine ensures that WikiHow marketing information is accurate, up to date, and backed by current research. Working closely in collaboration with their editorial team, Christine writes, edits, and reviews articles, answers reader questions, and even (true to Christine’s personal style) adds personal advice. Visit her articles or watch her WikiHow YouTube videos which explain marketing in greater detail below.

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Consulting Case Studies

Watch and hear how Christine Michel Carter drove desired behavior change (not just amplified reach) and targeted key audiences during Goodwill’s significant seasonal campaigns. Christine also worked with ALDI to create highly discoverable digital content that supported the brand’s growth initiative in key markets. Or, watch how Christine turned a small social media campaign with 23andMe into a viral content piece featured in The New York Times and the BBC.