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1/3 of parents report mental health benefits would make them feel more supported, but only 25% of employers have recently expanded them.​

While awareness of mental health is increasing, we still face a world where emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing are met with stigma. Many people do not know how to address their own mental health at work and are often at a loss for how to help others.

Christine Michel Carter is an employee resources group speaker. Her customized presentations include breakout groups, interactive media, grounding exercises, and take-away documents upon request. Strategy planning and resource group governance and charter support are also available. Other employee resources group speakers may include mental health in their presentations. But from startup tech to Fortune’s Top 10 companies, employees have ranked Christine’s signature mental health talk the best corporate programming event of the year. The themes discussed include:


corporate clients

Caregiving As A Member Of The Sandwich Generation

Building wealth and reaching financial independence is not always easy, and it gets even more difficult when you’re sandwiched between aging parents and children who need your support. We’ll discuss how the realities facing these employees and how they can set healthy boundaries.

Resiliency: Getting Rid Of Imposter Syndrome, Summit Syndrome, And Burnout

We’ll discuss the definition of each, why so many professionals are moving from imposter syndrome to summit syndrome, and how (through take-away points, data, and case studies) burnout can be avoided.

How Managers Can Help Retain Working Moms

The cost to replace each working mom manager making $40K+ is $8,000. The cost to replace each working mom executive making $100K+ can be as high as $213,000. For any company trying leveraging diversity as a competitive advantage, this is “make or break” time. Nearly nine out of ten say they’d leave a job for another opportunity that better supports their work and life. We’ll discuss innovation and disruption—how to lead through the chaos and adapt to the ongoing transformation of business, and how some organizations are resetting the playing field for women in the workplace.

Using Written Communication To Reduce Anxiety

Written communication requires forethought, which is why it is still the most effective method of communication. As a two-time author and ForbesWomen Senior Contributor, Christine Michel Carter is no stranger to effective written communication. Learn how to better communicate and build trust in a wholly virtual/remote setting and specifically format professional content, from emails to presentations and beyond.

Why Ignoring ERGs Can Hurt Your Bottom Line

Christine discusses how ignoring the needs of employee resource group members impacts their mental health, retention, and attrition, and how their peers and superiors can leverage their talents.


Company & Brand Clients

Working mothers with higher levels of mental well-being more often report receiving mental health and wellbeing support from… their employers. As a result, the following employers have asked Christine Michel Carter to present her signature mental health talk as a mental health benefit to support working parents. Makes sense: when compared to the alternative, it costs virtually nothing to ensure these women are heard and understood.

Christine Michel Carter provides a unique perspective to global conferences and media events. A down-to-Earth speaker, Christine Michel Carter has presented at SHRM Annual Conference & Expo, Content Marketing World, Create & Cultivate, Mom 2.0, BlogHer and a number of other conferences. 

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