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Christine Michel Carter is the #1 choice for progressive, family-friendly companies looking for a powerful corporate keynote speaker. Because of her bold, disruptive delivery, Christine’s been called the “mother of LinkedIn” by the New York Post. She’s also been named a “career doula,” a “working mom who’s changing the world,” an “inspiring black mom to follow,” a “mom on the move,” an “inspiring, empowering millennial mother,” and the “voice of millennial moms.”

And if you didn’t notice, Christine Michel Carter is a Black woman with two children. She is also a member of the generation which changed America’s workforce from a diversity and inclusion perspective. This is her inherent gift: her expertise in understanding the challenges of underrepresented professionals makes the audience immediately engage with her presentations. 

From tech startups to Fortune’s Top 10 companies, employees have ranked Christine’s signature mental health talk as the best corporate programming event of the year. Expect humor, breakout groups, grounding exercises, interactive videos, and practical tools from this corporate keynote speaker.

Christine Michel Carter Speaking Topics

Cringeworthy: How To Build A Brand Your Future Self Will Be Proud Of
Christine Michel Carter has built a profitable brand as a Senior Forbes contributor, bestselling author, global marketing executive, and award-winning advocate. But her success didn’t come overnight. Through this talk, Christine discusses best (and worst) practices on her road to leadership, how to overcome the lonely feeling of being “the only,” and how she remained a “no-holds-barred” partner for Fortune 100 companies.
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When You Just. Don’t. Know: Leading Through Ambiguity
Management isn’t easy, and leading teams through change is even harder. What’s worse, how can a manager prepare, support, and help their team when they don’t have all the answers? How can they deliver tangible results in the face of ambiguity? Through this talk, Christine discusses the value of workplace innovation, embracing the future of work, and how managers can strategically support individuals, teams, and organizations in making organizational change happen.
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How To Retain Working Parents
For working parents who’d like to stay in the workforce, nearly nine out of ten say they’d leave a job for another opportunity that better supports their work and life considerations. More importantly, for any company trying to secure its competitive advantage, this is a “make or break” time. Diversity of talent and expertise is in question since diversity breeds innovation and annual revenue. In this talk, Christine Michel Carter discusses actionable takeaways to ensure children have everything they need (loving, present parents) while bringing joy and success to each working parent. In addition, Christine discusses how organizations can reset the playing field for women in the workplace, from internal job descriptions to leveraging newly available workforce resources.
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M.O.M. Means Made Of Money. Why Feminists Should Invest
Today, Christine Michel Carter invests in three mom-owned startups, including TIME’s Invention of the Year. But five years before that, when Christine separated from her husband, she and her kids were left without health insurance benefits or car insurance. She was financially illiterate. Within days she had to learn financial skills for the sake of her children. Forbes reports that the Great Recession could give rise to female entrepreneurs. Through this talk, Christine shares what she wishes other women knew about investing, from how to pick winning companies/teams and research markets, how much to get involved in operations, and even how to pitch to angel investors to raise capital confidently.
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No More Black Women’s Equal Pay Day
Why do white women represent more than 75% of women in leadership roles? ALL women- especially Black women and other women of color- deserve to hold strategic positions too. Before the discussion of equal pay, we must discuss why Black women represent only 4% of all women of color in the C-Suite (while White women represent 20%), only have two CEOs in the Fortune 500, need their financial and societal barriers removed and, need their contributions celebrated. An advocate for racial justice, Christine Michel Carter is an advisor for the #WeHearHer Advocacy Council, serving on the selection panel for the PepsiCo Pure Leaf “No” Grants program. Through this talk, Christine discusses how ignoring the needs of Black women impacts their mental health and how their peers and superiors can recognize their talents.
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How Social Media Posts Caught The Attention Of The V.P.
Written communication gets a bad rap. It is time-consuming and requires forethought, but it is still the most effective method. Christine Michel Carter has spent over a decade advocating for mothers in the public sector, engaging with lawmakers. She's worked with the Congressional Caucus on Black Women & Girls, the U.S. Department of Labor, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on maternal and childcare-related issues. She's even worked on the maternal initiatives of Vice President Kamala Harris. But before all that could happen, Christine had to distill complicated policy information into social media and other easily consumed content forms. Through Christine’s talk, audiences will learn how Christine’s “simple writing” earned her a Congressional Citation from the U.S. Senate and how to format professional content, from emails to presentations.
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Christine has successfully delivered a unique perspective for global summits and media events. A down-to-Earth speaker, Christine Michel Carter has presented at SHRM Annual Conference & Expo, Content Marketing World, Create & Cultivate, Mom 2.0, BlogHer, and other noteworthy conferences. Christine Michel Carter is also an ideal heritage speaker for Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Mother’s Day, National Single Parents Day, Working Moms Day/Working Mothers Day, Working Parents Day, and National Work and Family Month.

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