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I have to say, most mental health webinars/talks to companies are painfully generic, but Christine really went deeper and talked about stigmatized topics we all face. Really appreciated her talk.

Working Parents and Women’s ERG Subject Matter Expert

The cost to replace each working mom manager making $40K+ is $8,000. The cost to replace each working mom executive making $100K+ can be as high as $213,000. Compared to the alternative, it costs virtually nothing to ensure these women are heard and understood by offering them unique programming in the workplace.

Christine is a working parents and women’s ERG subject matter expert; employees have ranked her talks the best corporate programming event of the year. Christine is a great facilitator for this audience, understanding their challenges and encouraging them to have lively discussions. 

  • Improve employee well-being
  • Provide care for employees and their families in challenging times
  • Solidify trust
  • Attract and retain diverse talent
  • Increase productivity in the workplace
Christine has received testimonials from her private talks with employee resource groups. Each talk is customized to fit the needs of the employer’s workforce. For those interested in achieving change within the organization and diversifying their corporate consultants, Christine Michel Carter is a great choice. Check out Christine’s speaker reel or download her media kit.

Christine's Most Popular ERG Talks

Christine provides a unique perspective to workshops, webinars, podcasts, panels, university discussions, global conferences and annual events. Check out Christine’s speaker reel, download her media kit or read some of the testimonials Christine has received for her talks.

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Maternal Mental Health

great corporate keynote speaker for parents and media analyst, Christine has spoken at Create & Cultivate, Mom 2.0, BlogHer and a number of other conferences. Christine Michel Carter will genuinely inspire attendees to believe in themselves and conquer their fears. Christine’s signature talks include:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Employers are responsible for setting standards of behavior in the workplace. Creating a culture of teamwork and respect will keep the work environment positive and productive. Diversity of retention and diversity and equity of promotions are critical.

Supporting parents should also be integrated into to a DE&I strategy, as underrepresented racial groups are also more likely to be working parents. Christine is an open and honest corporate keynote speaker who helps attendees become more assertive, confident and their own career champion. Christine’s DE&I corporate keynote speaker programming includes:

Live Chat Day

Your parent workforce can chat directly with Christine Michel Carter for quick resources, problem solving, or simply for a listening “ear.”

Working parents looking for personalized support and specific guidance can connect in real-time with Christine for eight hours via a chat window.

Aside from convenience, benefits for Christine’s clients have included the ability to offer a unique employee benefit, discover team members’ pain points anonymously and resolve issues faster.