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Almost 85% of U.S. employees believe having working mothers in leadership roles benefits a business. Yet more than 70% of working mothers and fathers say women are penalized professionally for starting families, and men aren’t.

Christine is a great facilitator for this audience, understanding their challenges and encouraging them to have lively discussions. She is an open and honest Black mom keynote speaker who helps them be more assertive, confident and their own career champion. For those interested in achieving change within the organization and diversifying their corporate suppliers, Christine Michel Carter is a great choice.

She’s received testimonials from her private talks with employee resource groups, each customized to fit the needs of the employer’s workforce. Employees have ranked Christine’s talks the best corporate programming event of the year. Check out Christine’s speaker reel or download her speaker packet.

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More than a Black mom keynote speaker who will generally inspire attendees to believe in themselves and conquer their fears, Christine is a valuable keynote speaker who can deliver a workshop or instructional (but entertaining) presentation that will empower the audience to get the real results they want. Check out Christine’s speaker reel, download her speaker packet or read some of the testimonials Christine has received for her talks. Or, watch a clip of Christine’s presentation “Creating Authentic Content For A $1.5 Trillion Audience” from Content Marketing World below.

Christine provides a unique perspective to workshops, webinars, podcasts, panels, university discussions and global conferences. Please visit the Contact page and provide the date of your event for availability.