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The #1 Employee Resource Group Speaker

Unleash a radical transformation in your company’s approach to mental and maternal health. Elevate your corporate initiatives with the #1 choice for progressive, family-friendly companies. Whether you need a dynamic speaker, parent coach, mother’s room designer, or marketing strategist, Christine Michel Carter has you covered.

Experience Christine’s speaking magic—filled with humor, interactive videos, and practical tools. Her unique perspective as a Black woman and mother ensures immediate audience connection. Discover the impact of Christine’s signature mental health talk—rated the best corporate programming event of the year. Empower employees, create a sense of belonging, and retain top talent.

Christine’s bold, disruptive delivery has earned her the title “mother of LinkedIn” and various accolades. Book her now to bring a transformative force to your organization! Elevate your Women’s Employee Resource Group with a dynamic women’s empowerment speaker. Address the gender gap in STEM, inspire female talent, and foster inclusivity.

Don’t miss the chance to shape a diverse, innovative, and impactful future for your company! 

(Views expressed are her own and do not reflect any entity with which she is affiliated.)

Christine has successfully delivered a unique perspective for global summits and media events. A down-to-Earth speaker, Christine Michel Carter has presented at SHRM Annual Conference & Expo, Content Marketing World, Create & Cultivate, Mom 2.0, BlogHer, and other noteworthy conferences. 

Christine Michel Carter is also an ideal heritage speaker for Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Mother’s Day, National Single Parents Day, Working Moms Day/Working Mothers Day, Working Parents Day, and National Work and Family Month.

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Parent Coach

Nearly 1/3 of new working moms would like expert help from HR teams to support their professional advancement in the form of coaches. Christine helps working parents in their specific caregiving stage, so they can still do work that matters and honor this season of their lives. 

Mother's Room Designer

Christine Michel Carter helps companies adjust the physical office to speak to working moms. This includes space for privacy, areas for breast-pumping and feeding, and family support.

Christine has over 17 years of experience managing brand and marketing teams for startups and Fortune 500 companies. She’s perfected an “art and science” approach as a marketing strategist. The approach includes art because it requires personal experiences, raw honesty, real understanding, and forethought. Science refers to the insights, marketing analytics, big data, brand positioning, case studies, best practices, psychology, and sociology involved. Christine Michel Carter is also a WikiHow marketing expert. Together with WikiHow, she provides their audience with the most helpful instructions on marketing. Christine ensures that WikiHow marketing information is accurate, up-to-date, and backed by current research.  Learn More