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The Wonderful Effects of Positive Parenting

The Wonderful Effects of Positive Parenting

By: Zarina Bahadur, CEO & Founder of 123 Baby Box

Positive parenting is all about having a strong and deep relationship with your child. It refers to when parents not only teach their children what is good for them but also why it is good for them so that their child can understand how to differentiate between good and bad. 

And, we all know how positive parenting can become difficult for working women. They have to maintain a balance between their professional and personal lives. Being a working parent is not easy. They miss out on so many beautiful moments of their child and are in constant worry of whether they’re raising their child right or not. But here are some things that show working women raise their children right.

  1. Working women provide positive role models. Believe it or not, but they are great models for their children. Because it makes them understand that women do not have to just be domestic tools. They can also have a professional life of their own. It will motivate their girl child to give priority to their career rather than just thinking about marriage and children. And boys will understand that household chores are not just for women. They can do household chores too because it is an essential part of one’s life. 
  2. Working women raise independent kids. Working women are not always available for their kids and they do understand that. They sometimes have to be with a housekeeper and have to do their things on their own. Sometimes they even have to wake up on their own. And that makes them independent at a young age. If a child is independent at a young age, it is not a bad thing. That means, he/she is growing up and knows how to handle things. 
  3. Working women manage better quality time with their kids. When a woman comes home from work all tired, she just wants to spend some time with her kids. It is seen that non-working women pretend to listen to their children half the time because they are busy with their phones but a working woman knows she wants to spend time with her kids and not phones. It gives her a break from the screen. 
  4. Working women’s children have a positive mindset. Their children grow up seeing their mother multitasking and balancing between personal and professional life. They understand the struggles of their mother and appreciate every effort she makes. By observing her, they learn to do multitasking and how to manage stress later in their life. 
  5. Working women make their children adaptable. Children of working women know they have to be flexible and adapt to different circumstances. They understand that their mom might get a little late picking them up from school. It makes them have a positive mindset about changes. They also understand the value of money because they observe how their parents are working so hard to earn money. And they also learn to value time by observing their mother. Their mother becomes an inspiration for them to do better in life. 

Are Working Women not good at Parenting?

People believe that working women often fail in parenting. But, it is not true. Working women are better at parenting. They know how to manage things in both professional and personal life. They give their 100% to their children whether it is about time or effort. 

Working women make their children learn and understand the important values of life like being independent, respect for the opposite gender, the value of money, time, etc. It is also seen that children of working women do much better academically than the children of non-working women.

Every mother loves her child equally. Parents always try their best to raise their children in the right way. So encourage positive parenting, it’s a blessing for your child!