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Four Ways To Make Mom Life Run Smoothly When You Have A Disability Or Chronic Illness
Four Ways To Make Mom Life Run Smoothly When You Have A Disability Or Chronic Illness

Balancing work and motherhood is never easy, but having an energy-limiting disability or chronic illness can make it even more difficult. It is not easy to find a balance between work, household responsibilities, medical appointments, and the rest of day-to-day life, but I have found a few ways to make things run a little more smoothly.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

People in your life may not know how to support you if you do not let them know what type of support you need. Do not make yourself feel like a burden if you need to ask for a little help occasionally. Do not let yourself believe you have to do it all by yourself. When you are struggling to get everything done, let your support system help with a few tasks! Simple things like having a friend sit in your car with your child with you go into an important doctors appointment or having a family member pick up a few things at the store for you so you do not have to make an extra trip can save a lot of energy that you can use to do work related tasks!

Accept and respect your own limits

It is okay to have a day where you are not very productive. It might sound counterproductive, but you will actually get more done in a week if you take a rest when you need it than you will if you just keep going until you are too burnt out to function. Sometimes, you just have to prioritize the most urgent tasks and let a few things go unfinished. Your health is more important than a perfectly clean house. When it is all feeling like way too much, find ways to make your day a little bit easier. Order dinner, skip the laundry, or just engage in a little self-care so you can recharge.

Make a list of things that no longer give you purpose

This one can be hard! Sit down and make a list of commitments you have or things that you do that no longer bring you the joy they once did. After the list is done, make a plan to stop doing as many of these things as possible! Once you weed out the things in your life that are taking more than they give, you’ll find balancing day to day life much easier!

Be flexible

Unfortunately, nothing goes as planned for long when you’re living your life with a disability or chronic medical condition. It can be extremely difficult to plan things out when you know you need to be prepared for the unexpected. The more flexible you can be, the less stressed you’ll be.

Being a chronically ill or disabled parent is challenging, but once you find ways to adapt that work for you, it is totally possible to achieve a successful balance between work, parenting, and managing your health.

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