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5 Tips to Prevent Burnout for Working Moms
5 Tips to Prevent Burnout for Working Moms

By: Lynda Fairly

Are you a working mom?

Do you find yourself burning out from taking care of your kids all day and then coming home to take care of the house?

Well, this blog will help you sail through. Moms are always running on the go, with their kids in tow and work thrown in the mix, leaving them little time to recharge. If you are a working mom or dad who has felt exhausted lately, it might be time to take some steps towards preventing burnout. Here are some suggestions for working moms who want to avoid burnout.

Working from home and taking care of children is no easy feat. According to a survey, 75% of working moms say that their job takes a toll on them physically. So how can you prevent this? It starts by knowing your limits and setting boundaries. Don’t overwork yourself, taking on too many projects or tasks at hand. This can lead to possible stress or anxiety, which could trigger potential burnout.

If you still need help juggling work and family, consider hiring a professional organizer or at least an intern to help maintain your home and office spaces that belong to you. We have some of the best ways to avoid burnout as a working mom.

Five ways to prevent working mom burnout

It’s not uncommon. Many moms feel they have too much on their plate. But there are ways to prevent that burnout.

The most important thing is prioritizing what you do, especially if you have to juggle more than one family member. When your kids are sick or bored from a broken toy, don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

Set a schedule and stick with it.

Get into the habit of putting the kids in their beds and saying good night at the same time every night. You can even set an alarm clock or use your smartphone’s timer–whatever works for you. 

You want to find a balance between quality time with your kids and quality time for yourself.

Try to make sure the kids eat something before they go to bed.

If you’re breastfeeding, it’s best to feed the baby before putting them in their crib so you and your baby can both sleep peacefully. Bottles can be pre-warmed, so they aren’t too cold when they’re given to the baby–this is also good for the baby’s digestion. If you’re bottle-feeding, you can cover the top of the bottle, so it stays warm for the baby. 

“Make sure there is a routine for when your kids go to bed. You’ll want to avoid giving kids excess liquids before bedtime, specifically milk or juice, as they can keep kids up at night if they are too full,” Lynda Fairly, co-founder of NumLooker suggested.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Caroline Lee from CocoSign suggested to take it easy. You’re going to make mistakes. We all do. But remember not to let them get to you. Every mom has unique challenges, and no one is perfect, so don’t beat yourself up for having a bad day or two. Be sure to give yourself a little time.

Get a good night’s rest.

Your kids need their mom, and you will need your rest too! Remember, it’s not ever-ending. There will be times when you’re able to sleep in, and there are times when you won’t be able to get back to sleep–but try to figure out a routine and stick with it, even if it means getting up earlier or staying up later than usual. And if your baby is kept awake by a sibling, try moving the baby’s bedtime a little earlier, and the older child’s a little later and see what happens.

Don’t forget the sleep! Get enough sleep, not just for your sake but also for your baby’s sake. Sleep helps the baby’s immune system develop.

Get out of the house.

As much as you love your kids, remember that they need downtime too. Take them to the park, bring them to a friend’s house, or go for a walk outside if it’s nice out. These small activities will help you recharge.

Remember, part of being a mom is learning how to have fun with your child without making over-the-top plans like trips out at night.

Try to prioritize what you do.

If accomplishing one particular task feels overwhelming, try tackling them in smaller chunks, so you don’t feel like you’re being overwhelmed. For example, try a food preparation style where all of the dishes are in one location, and you tackle one at a time. You may also want to consider getting toddler beds. You can get a toddler bed frame that goes over your child’s current crib, so you don’t have to buy new furniture. The transition from a crib to a bed is more straightforward and takes up less space.

If this still isn’t enough, consider hiring a babysitter.

At the very least, you can ask a neighbour or family member for help. You can also talk to your husband about it and see if he can pitch in more around the house or take on extra responsibility with the kids

You can always get help from family and friends too!

They may not be moms themselves, but they understand their role in your life and are happy to pitch in when needed.

Final thoughts

For working moms, burnout is a genuine and unfortunate danger that can happen to any one of us. You have the power to prevent it for yourself and your loved ones by looking after yourself and understanding your limits.

Research shows that women with happy spouses have happier marriages than women with unhappy spouses, and this was also found to be true of both men and women who are married to sick people.

Work is not the only thing to worry about when you are a working mom. Many moms also have to deal with balance in their lives as they juggle work, parenting, and other concerns.

Many women still face a glass ceiling at the workplace that prevents them from advancing in leadership positions and making more money. This is the time to take care of your emotional well-being as well. Do not neglect it, as this will lead to more stressful situations, anxiety, and possibly burnout.

Focusing on factors that make you happy will make your days less stressful and burnout-prone for you. This will boost your productivity level, making you earn more money in the long run.

You can be a happier person by ensuring balance in your life.