The Challenges of Raising a Black Girl to Feel Beautiful

Anti-black racism makes raising black children a struggle. Thanks to branches of antiblackness such as colorism and eurocentrism, a whole other slew of problems arises when raising black girls. When raising a black girl, one of the major challenges to face is trying to make her feel beautiful. Beauty standards often exclude black women, especially black women with dark skin, coily hair, wide nostrils and other physical features often found on black people. Most people, even other black people do not imagine black women when they think of beauty. Black people often internalize these standards and sometimes express them by looking down on and being overly critical of black girls and women for doing things like wearing braids, or their natural hair. In this article, Christine Michelle Carter talks about how raising a black girl to feel beautiful requires less of a focus on diversity and more uplifting of these girls on the daily. “We need to shift the conversation from embracing inclusion to teaching pride.” Black girls must be taught to celebrate themselves, which is far more vital to their self esteem and self confidence than being celebrated by others.

Read more of Christine Michelle Carter’s thoughts on raising black girls to feel beautiful on Harper’s Bazaar.

Raising a Black Girl

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